low level orby goodness


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low level orby goodness

i found a cool clasped orb in a baalrun, +70 mana, no req's at all. this would be ideal for a 2 tir orb to go with my 3 tir helm at lvl 13. anything better than this?


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sounds good, i have some friends that use the same strategy on their low lv casters.

Strangely enough, i personnally prefer a 3 skulls helm, and maybe the same in armor.
I prefer life&mana regen over mana after kill, but that's just me.
But as you can't make it in a weapon, your orb is really good!

Now, i'm wondering whether this or a 6-tirs crystal sword would be better? :scratch:

(43str isn't all that hard to achieve by lvl13 with items/charms)