low cost, frenzy, axe, mf barb-questions.


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low cost, frenzy, axe, mf barb-questions.

Hi folks,

I want to try and make a frenzy barb with some nice mf. The goal is to eventually make mf runs in hell preferably anywhere, but mephisto is important.


I would go with the following. Max frenzy, max mastery, max bo. And for the rest some points in find item, natural resistence, leap attack. Just enough.

Now the questions is what will I do with the other points? And how am I going to kill PI? The main question is, berserk or weapon, and if so how to use it. Synergie? Main skill?


I have found/made some tomahowks. And I plan to use them.

Razor's edge:
105 - 185 DMG
40% IAS
22% ED
-33% target def
50% Deadly strike
50% open wounds.

Soul spawn:
64-117 DMG
4 to max DMG (on char lvl)
+19 AR
+ 132 AR (on char lvl)
10% LL
14 to life

Viper gnash:
71-128 DMG
+121% ED
+95 AR
1-3 fire DMG
21 poison DMG over 4 sec
3% LL
19 to life
lightning res 6%.

Is any one of these good as end game. Remember that I'm poor, so no goldy stuff for me. I like the first two and they are at the moment my choise. The questoin is, do I keep on searching/crafting for more? And is there a market for tomahowks? So can I resell them. And I would like a price for those 3.

I'm thinking of make a wind runeword.

Tomahowks (125) only have 1 range, Will this be of use in frenzy. I think that this will concentrate more attacks on one monster instead of spreading them over two, killing monsters faster. Anyone has information this is. And I prefer them over Berserker Axe (138), I need less strenght and I'm going to use a wealth Archon Plate (str 103) anyway and IK helm. Good idea?

res should come from natural resistance and safty crafts. And crusing blow from blood golves.


Can a merc survive in hell in mg games with less then perfect gear? And what gear and what merc would you advise. If I go for tals maks and honor weapon, I'll get 17% ll. Should be enough it seems.

The main questions are. What to do with PI, and are tomahowks a possible weapon? And there is a gold problem with the merc I'm affraid.

P.S. soft core europe non ladder char lvl 7.


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axes have the best anti-PI option with dual gimmershreds (elite flying axes)
use double swing against PI's instead of frenzy so you don't have mana problems

as for skills

20 frenzy
20 BO
20 axe mastery
1 nat res
1 shout
1 battle command
1+ find item
1 increased speed
20 double swing
rest in taunt

as for main weapons use 2x razor's edge or razor edge + death cleaver (if you're on ladder, they are inexpensive for non-ethereal version)

manald + arreat's face should give you enough leech if you have some damage charms and a might merc (act 2 nightmare offensive)

even crappy barb mercs (not talking about act 5 mercs) survive well due to the huge boost from BO and shout (even at level 1 it is +100% defense) so don't worry as long as he isn't stunlocked or locked into hit recovery or hit by iron maiden

for merc gear here's some cheap stuff

-rockstopper (ideal), tal's mask, andy's visage, stealskull
-duriel's shell (even better if upgraded), shaftstop, stone runeword (only costs an um which is around 80 pgems on ladder), really any high defense armor with resistances or hit recovery
-reaper's toll is best for its decrepify (removes PI if monster has less than 110% physical res, if you're on ladder a crappy version is inexpensive, few dozen pgems), upgraded blackleech blade (underrated), upgraded kelipe snare, amn'ed arloc's needle, any elite spear/polearm with decent speed and life leech. Honor elite polearms/spears are a good choice as well such as ethereal honor mancatcher (max 5 sockets so just feed it to larzuk)

avoid safety crafts as they are in general very poor compared to inexpensive uniques/sets

here's an idea

gloves: laying of hands
belt: goldwrap/tgods/nos coil/credendum
ammy: highlords/crescent moon/atma's/tancred's ammy (combo with boots)
boots: war travs/gore riders/aldur's boots/nat's boots/tancred boots (combo with ammy)

don't worry about weapon range with frenzy, it was never an issue for me

if you're a lazy person like me make a mace frenzy barb with 2x baranar star which will cover both your physical and elemental needs with 2 weapons instead of 4

one last thing to remember, pgems are the poor man's path to wealth

people with mid/high runes constantly want loads of pgems for rerolling charms/jewels so with a few dozen pgems you can a surprisingly good elite uniques/sets as well as some decent charms


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I started my frenzy barb with dual razor's edges and they work. Plan on making a lot of trips to town to get them fixed though and don't plan on killing with blazing speed. Omikron 8 made some really good suffestions. If you can get them draculs gloves will add a lot of survivablity to your barb. Treachery Armor is cheap and will give you needed resists and 45IAS, which can really open up your other gear slots. An act 2 might merc with a Reapers Toll will solve most if not all of your PI problem and he will speed up your killing speed. If you can get into the 80s level wise I would try my luck at destruction key runs. Start in single player to get your MO down then join baal games and instead of waiting around in town howl down and kill nih.

Opps I'm proof reading and I'm not sure if Treachery is available non ladder.


It might be wise not to commit to a mastery until you find your end-game weapons. Razor's edge is good but not really what you need to kill effectively in WSK and other high areas. You might want to keep masteries open and experiment with different weapons until your favorite.

Or you can commit to your mastery now, and then look for the specific end-game weapons you need.


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what about a titan build around frenzy. Just to take full advantage of the deadly strike. Eventually the strength bonus is calculated in that deadly strike right? And with incredible high LL, that takes advantage of the deadly strike aswell - I think -, I should be fine when Im fast hitting.

And what is the best place to find PGMS. I'd say the cow level - have quite good results now -, so'll need lf amazon.

I'm starting out on ladder cause I'm sick of the better items and runewords you can get on ladder. Can I start with that build, probably not?