low 30's riphooker setup


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low 30's riphooker setup

So I'm looking at make a sort of oldschool riphooker, problem is, I never made one when they were "the thing" to make....

So, I'm leaning towards speed>damage, basically, using jewels/equipment to get as much speed as possible, and since this will be a pkker/pker as well, some knockback/slow is probably called for as well. I'll use charms to add damage, so I wont lose a whole lot of lifers when (when, not if... no shield is inviting death at some point, I'm well aware of that) I die.

So, I'm shooting for 7 frame guided arrow, which means, if I understand this correctly, that with a riphook, I'll need 142% IAS. (riphoook=-10 speed base)

50% IAS on a Shael'd riphook
30% on deaths combo
20% on twitch
45% on an IAS'd hat.

Thats 145% IAS, which hits 7 frames.

My other option would be to shoot for 8 frames, which requires 75% IAS... That would let me go with:
30% on a non-shael'd riphook (so I could nef it)
20% on twitch
30% Deaths

That hits 8 frame attack, leaving me with 4 sockets to fill with max jewels, or the option of another hat (rockstopper or something)

I lean towards the 7 frame one, since its cheaper, and probably just as effective, though my damage will be slightly lower. The only downside I see is that I dont have any knockback, which could prove deadly in many situations.

Other gear will be:
Waterwalks (I'll go to 32 for these, too good to pass up.. life, 15 dex, some r/w)
Angelic jewelry
Whatever charms I can scrape together... probably some sharps and +dex charms.

I'm not really sure how to distribute stats on this build...
I'm thinking shes probably gone in 1shot pretty much no matter what catches her, even if I pump vitality, which would make me think I might as well pump dexterity, since its got a pretty good damage bonus on it.

On the other hand, by not adding all my points to vitality, I'm ensuring I'm a 1hit KO if I get hit. (this is NOT for dueling chargers... its for most any other 30's build when it comes to dueling)

So, thoughts on that?

As for skills, she will be nightmare rushed, level 32, so she'll have 39 skills to work with.

passives: 6 dodge, 6 critical strike, 3 avoid, 1 everything else
Bow: 1 prereq's, 14 Guided arrow. Thats 39 skills.. I basically put skills so

I've got valk+decoy to draw fire, 1 in penetrate+pierce, 46% critical, ~40% dodge, little under 40% avoid for passives. Bow, I wont use anything but Guided arrow to attack, so 1 in all prepreqs, dump all the rest of my points there.

So basically, going for a "speeder zon" route, hitting 7 frame attack, which is pretty darn quick, with damage coming from dexterity and charms, with 1 max jewel in my twitch probably.

As a very rough starting point, my target life goal is roughly 700, which is NOT a lot at all for a level 32, but I figure I wont duel chargers (my 30 sorc can handle them), and anything else can be shot from a distance. The goal here is simple, dont get hit, spray arrows with ridiculous speed, slow my enemies down, dont let them get to me..

Again, I know its got slow on it, this is for pesky chickeners and whatnot in duels, since I do enjoy chickening them over and over, and for pkking/pking.

So, any thoughts on her in general, or to any of the "brainstorming questions" posed above? Thanks.



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Erm i have some + dex LCs if you need. I also gots an eth twitch :D Other than that it looks like a fun build, good luck. I also have a artisans crown of balance if you want to use it for more...useless fhr?


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If there is any way to get knockback, that would be huge. Shooting at that speed, nobody would be able to touch you. So if there is some way to get knockback and still hit the 7fps bp, go for it. You could go with cleg's gloves, that one belt that adds 15 ias, Nosferatu's I think?(If the level requirement is low enough, if not, just ignore this setup) and stick a 15 ias jool in the twitch. That would let you hit the 7fps AND have KB, I think.

Other than that, seems like a pretty fun build. :thumbsup:


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Valar-Wrath said:
Goldwrap adds 15 ias when upgraded? If so, you could use that with Cleg's and an ias jool in the twitch.
goldwrap still has 10 ias after upgrade, i would not upgrade it, that would cost to much strenght


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Carnage-DVS said:
Wouldn't an ias/max armor be better?
Yeah it would, but it would also be better to ias/max the hat, as well as IAS maxing the Riphook, and the twitch.

Ias/max is out of the question, not happening. This is a budget build ;) I've already got most of her charms just from poking through mules and grabbing anything with a lvl req too low to be useful to a high or mid level, and too high to be useful for a low level, or anything with +dex, and threw it together. I'm actually making a tradelist for the couple things I do need for her soon.

About belt/gloves/armor... I'm leaning towards a change:

Bloodfists (10%ias)+Razortail (awesome stats)+45% IAS armor (3 instead of 4 sockets thanks to the massive difference in str req) still hits the 142% IAS breakpoint.
The downsides:
Lose CBF (I figure if I get hit, I'm done or quitting anyways, not gonna effect me much)
Lost 15% resist and big psn resist on deaths (resists are not all that important, I'll spray arrows from a large distance at any casters, and will have decoy/valk as well)
Lose 10 dex on twitch: And gain 10 on razortail

10 max on razortail
piercing attack
5 more dex than if I use twitch
16 slot belt instead of 8
bloodfist stats

Either way though, I still dont have knockback...
The only way I see to get knockback is to go:
Deaths combo
45% ias hat AND armor
Nef'd riphook

Shael'd riphook
60% IAS armor (needs 60 str though, as opposed to about 30 otherwise)
Clegs gloves
45% ias helm

Arg.... whats killin me is that The setup of Shael'd riphook, 45% IAS armor (low str) 45% IAS hat hits 140% IAs... 2% short of the breakpoint, and the only way, other than switching gloves, to get it, is to use another 30 str and go for an eth gothic plate, which also slows me down runwalk wise.

Then of course, I gain knockback without the advantages of twitch OR razortail... not worth it IMO, I think it'd be better to have the razortail+bloodfists than knockback.

So, looks like I'm ditching knockback, goin with the 3 socket light plate approach.



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Is it possible to craft 10% IAS+KB gloves for the level you're shooting for? 20% would be better as then you don't need goldwrap, but IAS the twitch 10% gloves 10% belt and you're there too.


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MoUsE_WiZ said:
Is it possible to craft 10% IAS+KB gloves for the level you're shooting for? 20% would be better as then you don't need goldwrap, but IAS the twitch 10% gloves 10% belt and you're there too.
it is certainly possible to craft low lvl hitpower gloves with ias...check out my glove crafting guide stickied in the zon forum to calculate lvls....it would also be possible to get +skills too on a pair of low lvl hitpowers



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If you can make those gloves you could use those and nosferatus and I think you'd have to stick an ias jool in the twitch(if you're still using twitch). Nosferatus over Goldwrap if you are high enough level for it because of the other nice mods on it.

Those gloves are sweet BTW.

Edit: Just checked and you would be able to still use the twitch, crafted gloves with KB and IAS, Nosferatus/Goldwrap combo if you socketed the twitch with an ias jool. That way you get 150 ias, hit the 7fps bp, get KB, and maybe even some +skills on the gloves.

*Sigh* talking about this actually makes me want to start up a zon. Good luck with her Matt and keep us updated. :thumbsup:


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Carnage-DVS said:
Bah, I never built budget duelers. They either had to be the best, or I traded till they became the best.
Good for you, you also dueled when people didnt scan you before every duel, and refuse to duel if you were "the best". Yeah, I could go trade everything I've got and make a top notch mid level character, but it would not get many duels its level, and the VAST majority of opponents would chickenhack anyways.

I'll stick to low level builds, which dont take all my resources, or lead to, for example, any botting, be it a month or any other length of time. Not that either of us know anything about that :rolleyes:

Theres more to dueling for me than being mr elite, best dueler ever, i pwn you all. I duel to have fun. Winning IS fun, so I do try to make my duelers good, and generally succeed. However, making the same mid level barb, or low level charger because its "the best" gets old fast. So what do I do? Make builds I will find fun, and not worry about whether they are the best or not, I've got 2 other duelers now, and a couple others coming up, you wont find any of them whose goal is to be "the best no matter what" or who is a cookie cutter build. Guess we've got different styles.

I apologize in advance if I misinterpreted your comments, but it comes off to me as
"bah, back in the day, before all you newbie duelers came along, we were the best of the best, none of this "budget" crap, we were the dueling gods, you've got nothing on us, and you're somehow lesser players if you dont go for the best and only the best"
I'd like to think I'm wrong, but it sure doesnt seem it, and your previous posts regarding anything PvP have pretty much had the same tone.

Anyway... I'd rather not end up arguing over something off the topic, I've had my say, seph, say what you will, I'm done arguing with you, back to the amazon:

I didnt remember that guided no longer pierces... shows how many bowazons I've made in 1.10 ;)

So I think I'll shoot for:
Kb/IAS gloves (assuming 10% IAS)
IAS'd twitch (35%)
Shael'd riphook (50%)
45% mask (45%)
That leaves me 2% short, so either I've gotta use a goldwrap or get over 12% IAS on the gloves :)

Thanks everyone, looks like thats the setup of choice! I'm planning to have her leveled and mostly equipped by the end of today, though probably not completely done...



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superdave said:
it is certainly possible to craft low lvl hitpower gloves with ias...check out my glove crafting guide stickied in the zon forum to calculate lvls....it would also be possible to get +skills too on a pair of low lvl hitpowers

Very nice thread, only problem is that I have no idea what all the "alvl" and "group" stuff means... I tried to interpret it, but I had no luck, I'm not much for statistics, as I'm sure you can tell.

If anyone who does understand it could help me out, I checked the tables for IAS and found that:
10%IAS mod: group=7 Alvl=20, lvlreq=15
20%IAS mod: group=7 Alvl=43, lvlreq=35.

Does that mean I cant craft level 31 gloves with 20% ias, since the lvl req will be 35, or that I should be level 35 when I craft if I'm going for 20% IAS?

No idea what an Alvl is... I tried reading the link from superdave's guide explaining Alvls, but it might as well have been in chinese.

So those are the mods I care about on the gloves, since KB is a set mod, so if anyone could point me in the right direction regarding what level I should be, and where I should find magic chain gloves to craft with, that'd be great, thanks!



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matt, it works like this:

shael riphook
single IAS jool
maoim oak ammy
2 rare rings with stats and +mana
maxes all around

its a fun build but shes fragile. i made two of these, they butchered everyone in sight. without pierce its tougher but still doable. max GA, rest in crit. screw dodge, if they're that close you're already dead.