Love the summoner! Could use a lil advice


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Love the summoner! Could use a lil advice

Yeah yeah, yet another newcome asking for advice....

However this thread is a little different.

i'm plugging along very, very nicely in hell with my necro skellimancer.... however i'm doing so well... I haven't spent a stat point in nearly 30 levels!

He's lvl 72 at the moment, and in act III hell, trudging along.

My question is - where to put my 160 (!) stat points i have saved up?

Current stats with equip on are around:

90 str
40-50 dex (i forget)
130 Vit
80 Energy..

I guess my question is, to go max block or to pump vitality?

I think i have enough str and energy to make it - i suck down a mana pot from time to time, but generally don't have a problem with mana.

Oh - my build - it's max Skel mast / RS, max poison nova (almost), with 1 point in all curses, and eventually going to dump a few more points into decrepify and corpse explosion.

I plan on going with full trangs set (i have found all but helm and belt so far, and will trade for those sooon)...




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This is about the best problem to have !! and actually, I have a similar one to you. I even have it on the skill side of it too - with about 25 extra points to spend. I'm thinking about putting a little in energy (have a slight mana problem right now) but then pumping vitality with mine. Being a skellimancer, you shoudn't need block, and vit helps more against elemental attacks anyway. Plus, how cool would it be to have a 1500 life necro :)

thats my 2c

ps: what is the ascii code for the cent sign?


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First of all, I really admire your self-control. I can't let any points unallocated for 5 seconds :lol:

My short answer is Vitality.

I didn't put one single point into energy, and with my gear (full trang, mara's, Arm of K. Marrow) I have around 600 mana. Summoner doesn't really need that much mana.

Dex vs. Vita

It depends on your style. I heard some pvp fans love to max blocking. But if you are pvm, I recommend Vita. Later in Hell you will find that you lost health primarily to magic/elemental attacks rather than physical. Also, with Marrowwalks and 1 point into Bone Armor and Wall gives your 600 Bone Armor absorption, which protects from a lot of melee damage.


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I've dumped my summoner's points into vit, because I too find that most damage taken is in the form of magical, not physical. I have a point in bone armor to wake me up and protect me from the initial hit against melee, but otherwise the only place I've wished for blocking is against act 5 spearcats. Easier just to teleport past them, and go for 1500 life. :)

If you're going for TO's set, I'd also look into the alleged bug that I've heard about, regarding the effectiveness of blocking while wearing TO. That's what kept me from using blocking with my TO venomancer (still languishing in normal till I actually find TO)


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Because I use the Homunculus, and it has great blocking, I do 2 dex/3vit per level. At level 83, counting gear, I have nearly 1000 hp, about 380 mana, 62% Block. I'm hoping to switch my gravenspine for a Carin Shard, if I can find one.

I'm also hardcore, that definitely influences my decisions. I keep energy at base, and my main attack weapon to go with my skellies is Corpse Explosion. I have 18 points there after +skills. The extra radius is never a waste, IMO. I've spent a bit in Bone Spirit as well, but it's not terribly effective... just something to cast until I have a corpse to splatter.


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I'm in somewhat the same situation...I am a level 41 summoner right now with 120 stat points left to allocate...

I'm planning to use the Marrowalks I just got last night once I get to that level and that will require a minimum of 118 str I think...

I'm pretty sure that will be my max str
I haven't put anything into energy at all and probably won't so I'm thinking that if I ever get a good shield (like the homunculus) I'll max block but until I get there I just keep levelling and where am I putting the points?

SKills on the other hand...I wish you could trade 10stat points of 1 skill point ;)


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i'd say go all vit.

my guy never ever gets hit, so no point in blocking right?

if you use homo, it has high block, you could max if you so desire.



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I have a similar problem. My summoner has 23 unspent skills with SM and Skells maxed at level 79. I'm not sure I can get either poison or bone up to a significant number to do damage. I have a point in PN and BS with 9 added skills and a point in all the prerequisites. Has anyone just given up on damage spells and dumped the extra points into a curse, mages, or a monster golem?


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Magma: Read my thread on down the page. I asked the same question, and the answer I got was to max Corpse Explosion. Someone also mentioned Poison Nova as a possibility for preventing monster heal.


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Thanks all for the advice...

I've now advanced to act V and what i did was just dump a little bit into dex (just to be able to equip wizspike on switch for resists until i find more res sc's) and the rest into vit.. and i'm telling yo it's working wonders.

For the posters above me asking about a second attack, i'm finding maxed poison nova so far seems to work well to help with the killing, at low lvls (<10) PN didn't seem to help much, but once it's maxed you can spam it even on the PI's while your wall keeps them busy and it will kill them pretty quick.

Thanks again for the advice, it seems to have worked quite well :)


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Well, I have the same problem as the original poster.... even worse. Level 77, 235 unallocated stat points, 36 unallocated skill points. Max RS/ SM, points in a few prereqs, and one in each that i needed to get 1 in bone spirit (to use the marrowalk bug). Right now with +skills I have something like level 12 corpse explosion. Could someone highlight the benefits of going either poison nova or max CE with the rest of the points (or something else all together?). As for the stat points, i'll listen to people and go with vit.