LOTS of stickies I know...


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let me know if you want an updated version of mine. i think i have fixed it some to add in the new info gained through the new posts.



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TheKbob said:
I like seeing a nice firm stack of stickies.

It's a Warm, Happy Feeling.

Mmm... stack o'stickies... :drool:

Sounds like me digging into a pile o'pancakes at the IHOP!

To add cognitive fuel to this intellectual fire, are there any suggestions for stickies outside of what is currently posted? Oh, and also, make archived copies WHEN the forums go belly-up again?

I think the IG and maybe the other golems might need a sticky.

"Congratulations, hero! You've got a Horadric Staph infection!"


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LMAO at the horadric staph infection. :lol:

We should make a sticked faq for just about every subject, I was thinking about doing an in-depth "curse" related one.


Yes Dk sounds cool.

I propose we make a Guides/builds, like we had before, but with the guides listed and linked in the first section for easy access, like was brought out in that one thread of yours, forever ago, asking for a guides list.

I've actually had it on my mind to do that for awhile now, just never cleared the time to get it done.:)



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you guys should get out more or stay in more or drink more:drink:

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee more post for me(mememe173)