lost my ebotdcb408% and ss for good?


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lost my ebotdcb408% and ss for good?

I was fighting uber andy until i got kill, I pick up my body but my dead body was still there, So I guess I accidently pick up an item without knowing... I got kill by andy again, now theres two body, so i decided to just leave the game and come back, but now my cb and ss are gone...


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As this is the newcomer forum:

If you have two corpses with equipment on them, even if one of it has seemingly useless gear, for god's sake, don't leave the game ! The game will save the corpse with the highest monetary value and Charsi values e.g. WF at 17k or so while e.g. a plain ancient armor (which you might have picked up accidentally) is worth 35k to her :rolleyes: