Losing connection in games constantly


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Losing connection in games constantly

Hi ppl.

I hope this is the right forum to post this in.

Today when ever I've joined a game with any char or any account after about 15-30seconds I am booted out with the message
''You connection has been interuppted''

Our connection is fine. We use a wireless router and it has been working for the past 3 months. So I don't see it being my connection that is at fault.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate


not sure i get this all the time but i am with NTL and i think that the fault is with my provider as when i lose connection i also lose my internet pages for a few seconds.

try having diablo in window and when you lose connection refresh an internet page. if the page goes dead you know it has nothing to do with diablo

hope this helps


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You on USWest? I'm getting that a lot lately. Today I had Diablo down to a sliver of health when it perma-froze, I left the game and tried to get into a game but I kept getting "failed to join" errors whether I made or joined.