Looking to raise $ for charities and such - Starting charity der=0


Looking to raise $ for charities and such - Starting charity

So I have these sheep at my feet and I can use them how I please.... we're thinking of doing some community excursions.... fundraisers and such... looking for a charity to donate money to, or possibly thinking of starting our own charity... like the "Youth Foundation Fund" or some sort, for our local town.
I need an official guide on how to do this... what are the guidelines, rules, etc. for creating something like this... specifically starting one's own charity fund, and some kind of sponsoring fund.

Location is critical, obviously, so Western Canada.
Even answer what they do in the States, or in different parts of the world so others can benefit from this post, but make sure you point that out in your posts.

Sorry for the vagueness, just seeking answers.

Thank you.


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Drat! I use to have some good fundraising sites saved in my bookmarks, but I must have deleted them. Do a google for fundraising...guidelines, etc. and you will find some pretty informative sites!


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If you are just starting a charity (in America) I think you have to petition the government for a charter and then show that you do not have more than a certain amount of money left at the end of the year.
You may also have to apply for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, or would in the US, I believe, to avoid having to pay income taxes on whatever cash you raise. And that can be rather interesting, to say the least. Lots of red tape anytime you get involved with money and not paying taxes on it.