looking to make 2h shifter for PVM


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i'm having a tough time deciding on skill build and 2hand weapon.
bear looks awesome but wolf has that multi attack....

for a weapon, do i want to focus on the speed to reach the maximum attack rate or do i want damage/decent speed?

i saw somewhere bears/wolves can get up to 4fpa...but i'm not seeing how or what build to use. fury? maul? hunger?

what weapons would be optimal? and could i potentially magic find with a shifter?


edit: i was looking at hunger and it said if i reach 4fpa, it'll actually be 8fpa....is it like that for the entire skill? EX: would 5fpa actually be 10 fpa, 6fpa actually be 12fpa? OR does this only happen when you reach do 4fpa?
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Considering the fact that it is a 2-handed weapon, you may want to use a Werewolf, so your attack speed will not be too low. As for skills, a Fury Druid acts as a Zealot in many ways, and would be an appropriate choice. Rabies is also okay due to the massive Poison Damage (if you have the right gear).

For low levels, Bonesnap is overkill, and I like overkill, so you should try to get that early. Later, you can go for more expensive things, like a Runeword in a Thunder Maul, Colossus Blade, Executioner Axe, etc.. Good Runewords are Beast, Breath of the Dying, Destruction, and other high damage weapon Runewords. In conclusion, I would pretty much use a Fury Druid with a left-click skill of your choice.


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earthshifter is a neat option if you boost the synergies for it on the ele tree. Its cheap enough to come by IF you can find it. But it makes for a unique play experience and makes people oooh and ahhh at the wolf raining down meteors.