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Shinra Beelzebub

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I'm new here, sooo... hello there. My name's Shinra, I am from Austria and I started to play D2 again recently after a looong time. I guess I was still a little brat back then, playing Skellymancer and Werebear not further than Normal Duriel.

Well, whatever, that's not interesting.

Now to the topic at hand. I started recently to try playing two chars at the same time (using one left handed and one right handed gaming mouse with enough buttons to play each char with one hand only.) Playing offline multiplayer, so no items from trading.

After a lot of hard work my chars ended up in nightmare act 5 (Lvl 52 for now). My team consists of:
Lucielle (Sorceress; Meteor and Hydra)
Shinra (Necromancer; Skellies and Corpse Explosion)
2x Mercenaries Act 2 (Might and Prayer)
And well, they work well enough together. Skellies can tank anything (although they make nearly no damage) meteor and corpse explosion flatten anything. Hydra for anoying things that run/teleport around all the time. Of course mainstream spells like revive, curses, teleport, shockwave etc aren't missing.

But honestly,... Now that I have gotten used to playing like that... Well, let's say 1. It is a bit too safe playing with those since skellies won't really die and 2. I am looking for a bit of variety.

So now then, what am I looking for...? I guess preferably guy (necro, pala, barb, druid) + girl (sorc, assa, ama) builds that work exceptionally well together. (examples: Buffing each other, one tank one mage, one physical one magical,... well whatever, I think you get the general idea) It won't matter if they are gear dependent and they don't need to solo hell alone (since there are two, duh) Please include the mercenaries if specific ones are best.

Thanks for reading, and I am looking forward to your suggestions!
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Conviction Zealot + Hydra enchantress. The sorceress enchants the paladin, and both are further buffed by conviction. I'd say go with holy freeze and might mercs, unless you are twinking, in which case one should have a faith rogue and the other would use a HF merc with reaper's. You might consider a Doom runeword for the paladin, and go with a might mercenary instead of HF.


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Hi, and welcome here :).

I was thinking a Conviction Paladin and elemental other character as well. Could be Sorc, but also could be something else like Fire Druid or Trapper Assassin.


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Fanatic Zealot + Medusa Strafer /w HF/Might mercs + Pride/Reaper's (if you twink). Everything is slowed to a crawl, you deal massive damage and you have a nearly unkillable tank if you decide to use Valkyrie as well. On top of that Strafers don't require that much attention except for holding down the RMB.

Shinra Beelzebub

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Conviction Zealot + Hydra enchantress
It was a good idea after all to ask here :p I already thought about making an enchantress somehow but couldn't figure out which melee build would fit well. I didn't even know about conviction zealot being a viable build on it's own.

But... those two fit perfectly. Hydra let's me focus enough on a close range char since I don't directly need to aim, with the conviction aura I won't even need that many +skills to make the hydra enchantress work well, and the pala can use enchant to the max.

I will definitely try those... tomorrow, it would probably get too late today. Only question left is what I will do with them till I get some levels and can respec. Oh wait, I will need names for them too.

Fanatic Zealot + Medusa Strafer
Damnit that sounds criminal as well. But I might need some more equip for that duo.

I guess for the near future I can have lots of fun with those teams.

Only pain might be that I need to actually level a little this time. Sorc and Necro was practically a straight run through. (Might be the reason their levels are a bit low)

And since that has been a question, I don't have that much equipment jet but what I have will be swapped around the chars as necessary. Of course there is no reason to hold back if somebody else has ideas!


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I just gotta say: playing two chars simultaneously with 2 mouses (or mice - dunno???) is simply unfathomably impressive to me. Hats off to you sir or mam.


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I just gotta say: playing two chars simultaneously with 2 mouses (or mice - dunno???) is simply unfathomably impressive to me. Hats off to you sir or mam.
Yea. I tried clicking "like" a second time (with left hand), but it didn't do anything.. :rolleyes:

Are you using 2 systems/monitors??


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This has to be one of the cooler projects I've read about. Can you tell us a bit about the details of how you play? How many different skills are manageable? Can you easily pop back and forth between weapon switch? Also what kind of gear might you have available or are you doing single pass?

From the outside, I would imagine you would want:
-Builds with few skills to swap around
-Strong set and forget summons
-Helpful prebuffs
-AOE or 'heat seaking' skills for ranged
-Right click autotargeting/'AOE' for melee

Because of this, I would imagine any Pali build is going to be extremely hard to pull off. I actually think a FoHer would be your best bet paired with a Javazon running Valk. Although you may run into unbreakable lightning immunes.

A build you might not have thought about is the Leap barb. After about 8-10 points in Leap, he just leaps and the whole screen gets stun locked. So basicaly just hold down the RMB. He'll obviously also provide warcry buffs. Would probably pair really well with a poison necro.


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Please set up a camera to record your setup and your mice. I would love to see that - it sounds rediculous, and I couldn't even imagine the co-ordination to use both mice to do two separate sets of inputs. Well done, and please share your setup and more details!


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If you can manage it give this a try:

CE/Amp/LR necro Prayer(insight) Merc && LF zon+Holy Freeze(kelpie snare) Merc

Basically you LR+LF, then alternate between LR+CE with necro and spam LF like an idiot with zon. Things will die very.. stupidly fast. Prayer(insight) merc to sustain your mana usage, Holy Freeze(kelpie snare) merc to make bosses slowed to a crawl.


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I would try Assassin trapper with shadow. Little help tanking and corpse explosion from trap comes handy.
Pair that next to Conv pala that can tank almost anything. Def merc and might merc from act 2.

Anyway, this sounds really cool and idea is nice. Might actually try this later on....


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Please set up a camera to record your setup and your mice. I would love to see that - it sounds rediculous, and I couldn't even imagine the co-ordination to use both mice to do two separate sets of inputs. Well done, and please share your setup and more details!
I second this.

Oh and btw I looked it up - both 'mice' or 'mouses' are considered correct when referring to the plural form of 'mouse' as a computer device. So now I know - and those reading this will too :)


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Leaper barb + dualtree sorc

Barb provides massively useful BO buff and is there to leap in place to "stun" all creeps in a screen wide range (on higher levels), and sorc is there to simply kill them all. Very simple and effective playing style. I remember doing something similar with a friend when he felt useless with his barb, but he leaped and made my sorc super safe since no monster was able to even attack me, let alone anything else. Also seems very trolly funny and easy to play strategy. :D
Barb can also go WW backup just in case leaping is not what you wanna do all the time. Blizzard is most convenient here since you can drop it and go afk for a second or two since you play 2 chars at the same time.


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Lol this is rediculous yet cool at the same time. Since u can't effectively control 2 chars, I'd go with background damage builds. Try this:
Aura sorc for holy shock
Auradin for holy fire/freeze, and conviction
Both have act 3 Merv's, one holy fire, other holy shock.

I call this the Apocalypse crew :)

Shinra Beelzebub

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Just came back from work and look at all those responses. I am amazed :p Well,I guess it's story time.

I started out as a normal player (using the mouse with the right hand) with a broad range of interest in games. Need for Speed, Call of Duty, Age of Empires,... well whatever that's boring.
So one nice day 7 years ago, being bored and all, I started trying to play call of duty (singleplayer) with the left hand on the mouse and right on the keyboard. Well, that was too damn hard. But also awesome. (My left hand hurted all the time tho)

And well, that could have been the end of the story.

Ages later, I got bored with Elder Scrolls Online. So well, yeah. A single episode of "No game no live" was enough to spark the idea to play "two at once" I soon got a gaming mouse to try and play ESO with only the right hand, and well, it worked to a certain extent. Around that time, I also found out about multiboxing (using programs to move maybe 4 or even up to a dozzen chars at once) Which I couldn't stand from the beginning. It's not what I wanted after all. I wanted full individual control over two characters, so using keyclone or isboxer wasn't even a question.

Now another year or so past, I had to wait to get a second notebook and also needed a lefthanded gaming mouse. (between I got diablo 2 after a long time, playing with left hand or right hand, switching them often to get a feel for it)

And now that I got everything together, it's a go!

1x Dinosaur (Notebook 4 years old)
1x Little package of power (Notebook brandnew)
2x gaming mice (Razer Naga 2014 with 12 buttons on the thumb side, one left handed, one right handed)
--> I have to thank Razer here, (and won't even get money for the advertisement) because mirrored gaming mice aren't easy to find elsewere and the program Razer Synapse can be used for easy control configuration when the game itself is limited in that aspect.

And now to answer some questions, at least:
1) Am I ready to make a few vids and/or stream?
Well, yes. But first I want to get some more experience playing like that and second I don't have a glue how to make vids and which programs to use, so some youtube tutorials or other help would be appreciated.
2) Am I limited with builds playing like that?
Not really. Imagine one char at full attention and one at half, and that being switchable. I also have no problem using weapon switch, buff spells and a multitude of skills per char. when both chars need "point click to kill" that will be a problem.
3) I want to try it too! What can I do?
Friendly advice is to start it easy. First you should learn how to use your left hand for gaming or you will run against a wall as high as the one between mexico and murica. Take an easy game (like Diablo 2) where the right hand doesn't have to use WASD, SHIFT, SPACEBAR, ETC. this will make it a lot easier.
4) What more can you say about the builds you are looking for?
Most importantly, I am not looking for passive builds that just stand around killing everything. I can easily manage something that requires attention, so that is what I am looking for.

Anyway, I already decided that my next couple will be Fanatic Zealot + Medusa Strafer, thanks to @srrw for the suggestion. I have a good feel about those two.
I will keep you all updated at the progress I will undoubtedly make.
Of course, it's also fine to keep throwing questions if there are some left.
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What a cool project. I can only imagine the synergy you can achieve!

Good luck an keep us posted.