Looking for people to play with!


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Hey guys, I've recently bought Diablo II Battle Chest because I really wanted to go back to playing it for the good old times. I've seen quite a few people online too, mostly bots though.
So I'm looking for people to play on the Open Battle.Net server to play the Story mode from lv1.
Let me know if anyone is keen for it!


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@Wakka55 - PM me with you Bnet account name, so I can add you to my friends list. I play on USWest realm. I would love to work through the game with you from beginning to end. Softcore I'm assuming? What character are you going to play with, I'll choose one accordingly so they support one another. Maybe we can get some others to join up with us as well?


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If youre going to do tcp ip multiplayer, i might join as well, i need to level a new character.


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@dOOmas - This might be more what you're looking for TCP/IP. I was thinking about it as well after seeing that thread.
Hello Everyone,

Since the current hamachi subscription that logoutzero had setup has expired, I have taken it upon myself to renew our subscription and create a new network. I believe I sent out a pm to everyone that was in the previous network, but since its a new network its a perfect time for anyone who has thought about trying out multi-player in the single player forum to join. Many of our previous members do play HC, but don't let that discourage you as some do have SC characters, and some members don't even play at all and are just there for general talking.

For anyone that has questions about hamachi, or how to set it up, please see the following thread:

Essentially hamachi is a program that creates a virtual network between other computers, which allows for fast and easy hosting and joining of tcp/ip games. It also has a built in chat function that many of the members use just for general chatting and arranging playing together. After installing hamachi, you will need to join the following network and you can start chatting/playing with other members:

Network ID: 229-507-201
Network Name: The Ancient Tunnels

Similar to the old network I will have to approve anyone that joins, so please use your forum name, at least when joining at first.

I look forward to seeing some new (yet familiar) faces.

In this thread we were talking more Open BNet or non-ladder Asia.