Looking for FOH build.


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Looking for FOH build.

Basically need to know:

Top notch gear (charms included)
Stats/skill layout (max block or not)

This is for pure FOH by the way, help is appreciated.:prop:


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Well, this would be good i think...
Helm: Griffons
Armour: Enigma
Belt: Arach
Shield: HoZ
Weapon: Hoto
Amulet: Mara
Rings: Soj's Bk's
Gloves: Magefist's or Trang's

9*paladin combat charms.
Life, resistance blah blah blah small charms.

For skills:

20 to foh and all synergies except Holy bolt.
20 conviction
The rest in Holy shield and Smite.

That is the standart FoH paladin. Some people put a FoH stick as a weapon, but then you have to switch something to get 75% fcr breakpoint. Also a Cta switch. Thats about it :)


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The only foh guide in the sticky didnt look very good. And afaik you dont need to max convic because its capped at -150 resist.

75fcr is the FCR breakpoint I'm looking to hit?


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When I remade my pally I ended up maxing conv just cus I was getting tired of running into other pallys with a higher lvl conv than me, but then agian you can always just use resist lite aura when going agianst another foh'er if they have higer lvl conv I guess its preference. Only reason I use enigma is for the + str since I a up'd hoz and 1 pt into fanta so if someone sorbs me I can try and smite them, if I were to use a non-up'd hoz I think I could get away with a coh or something else and still not have to worry about str. I hardly ever tele at all I find that haveing foh and charge on hot keys next to each other and just chargeing around and foh'ing works well so I didn't worry about fcr.


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I like to think I have a very well built foher but if I may add a question to the thread, Does anyone know if a 5/5'd hoz does more dmg than a 20/20 shield? I was just curious I am using 5/5'd hoz now and doing about 8.6 k. Thanks for the tips


i thought the dmg was not very different from both shields, the only thing an 20/20 has and hoz doesnt, is the -20enemy resist.. Should be better than +4pc +2all, 5/5facet