Looking for Clan/Team/Clique w/e


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Looking for Clan/Team/Clique w/e

Back in 1.09 there was a Clan called GI (GimmieItam) which were the top duelers on West that had all legit items.

Everyone could see everyone's equip by using MousePads MH but those are days in the past.

I was looking at PvPWest (Clan Honor) and their agendas and ideas were great. Although it seems that they're inactive now.

Also, I was planning on making a Smiter and a Ts/Orb sorc and it seems that they ban the use of teleport for Sorcs which is pretty dumb, IMO.

I was wondering if anyone knew a clan/team/etc that were into Legit dueling, clean respectful and fun games, and etc.



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on west, i dont kno

but on east you can refer to the channel that is stickied in the trade forum, they or we, run baal/chaos/rushes then we duel occationally some real nice people with some real pro characters.


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The people in the Druid Grove are fairly nice so you can check them out.