[US East] Looking for a team to play through the whole game with.


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I am looking for some some people to beat the game from begining to end with. ( Make sure you have a free weekend day or something we will usually do this on weekends ).

Note: Discord, Teamspeak, or Skype is fine. ( If you dont have a mic please still feel free to join ).


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Hey LastSagas, I would love to find some players to play it through with!
I'm assuming you are playing on US East?


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Hi there. It has been a while since the last time I played D2. I would be glad to make it through from beginning to end with a handful of trustworthy people. @LastSagas: In what sense was the playthrough meant? By trustworthy I mean: No cheating, botting, use of external programs, tricks and so forth. Just playing the game itself as with what is given naturally. And perpahs playing together just in a fixed team from time to time to make sure that our character levels don't diverge too far from each other... If that is your goal then I'm perfectly fine with it. By the way I'm from Europe Germany. But I don't mind if you guys want to play on US.East...



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LastSagas did you find a group for US-East SC? If not sign me up. PM me. Can make any paly/necro/druid/ class that works well with the group.


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Literally created an account to respond to this thread. PM me and I'm definitely down. Willing to play Sorc/Necro/Druid depending on group needs.