looking for a SUPER FUN!!11!!! group? look inside


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looking for a SUPER FUN!!11!!! group? look inside

ok so well i was just in game with rach, and we came up with the idea of making a [expletive] group to quest through hell. if you thought this game is too easy, think again. we need at least 2 more players (6 if possible) to quest with these: (and please post ones that you think goes with the theme)

foh pally
hellrack all mastery sork
leaper barb
mojomancer (all curses)

... and you get the idea. of course we actually need some killers, so please, dont all come joining with 8 cleric pallies ><

in some cases twinking might be required, as for the hellrack mastery sork. we will decide how much twinking will be done when the group is set up.

and times. im generally free most weekends, and weekday nights from around 8p central to whenever. 2-3 days a week sounds good to me.

so join up!


Ill sign up to. Im up for what ever. I was going to host team gop but unfortunately we have had some noobish members and jerks at that. I would like to join but I can be w/e u want. Just what the group needs. Thanks.


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thats the whole point of this team: pointless worthless chars

so u can build whatever u like :D it has to be [expletive] though

i myself want the hellrack sork (with obvious 1 item twinking) or the foher

btw wheres the poo juice