Looking for a player...


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Looking for a player...

:confused: Are you looking for a player that hasn't been online for awile?

Personally I can't play online games anymore because we don't have internet on the base and I'm only at home in the weekend. So I'm looking for a players from the Netherlands called "Stanislawek" if you know/see/or are the player himself...please let me know.

you can allso put your own message here if you are looking for someone...
good luck...

Zendros (Zendie to friends) a.k.a Edwinovic...


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Dawnmaster said:
Hm, I'm not entirally sure what you're looking for, a specific person and/or players to play with? Try this forum for more and better replies:


Btw: welcome to the forums, be sure to read the rules in every forum.
He's looking for a player that hasn't been online for awhile, and expects us to do the same in case we're looking for someone.

I'm not looking for anyone in particular but it would be nice to know what happened to a clan called TeC.


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I remember Blizzard making an announcement that we can now email people on our friends list through the "Friend mail". I'm not sure how it works, as I've never used it, but I believe that as long as they have registed an email address with their account, you can send them an email. I could be thinking of Starcraft here though, but I don't see why they wouldn't have put it with D2 as well.

Edit: Although I know this is probably useless to the original poster, as he doesn't have Internet access. It could possibly be used by other people who are looking for someone who hasn't come online in awhile.