Looking for a normal archon plate


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Looking for a normal archon plate

Howdy SP'ers,

Been a while since I posted actively. Quite a while back we used to store up fair mid level rares, uniques etc. and post a list. Then email mules to interested parties. Anyone still doing this? Should I be in a different forum or different site for this? I find my mules burgeoning with the stuff I can't bear to discard but probably will never use once again.

Along this line I currently find myself in need of a normal plain old Archon plate. Interested in seeing if anyone has one lying around to donate or trade.

Thanks, Mike
yuriens at comcast dot net


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Well, there's the Giveaway Thread for getting rid of stuff, and there's the Trade Forum for requesting stuff.
Personally I don't use either, so I can't comment too much on 'em, but they shouldn't be too difficult to figure out.


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If you kill all the guys by shenk in hell and keep doing it, you'll have one in about ten minutes.


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I'd just do some Pit runs and you should hit an Archon pretty soon ... or the Giveaway thread would do it.