Looking for a lightning pvm/rush sorc guide!


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Looking for a lightning pvm/rush sorc guide!

Hey guys.

I'm looking to make a lightning sorc with convic merc for rushing. I've seen a few guides but they all seem to be for pvp mostly, which i wont be doing much!
I've tried out a few varients in sp and i dont think i like the base vita so much, but base energy seems to leave me mana potting alot! I'm thinking maybe enough str, 100 energy and rest vita since energy gives alot more mana than vita does life. does this sound ok?
Would appreciate any help, and if you have a kick *** sorc for mf/rushing that is lightning please share!



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My lightning sorc kicks pretty good *** ;)

Her stats are:
Str: Enough for Spirit (including +str items such as anni/torch/treks)
Dex: Base
Energy: Base
Vit: All the rest

She has the following equipment:
Griffon w/ facet
Eschutas w/ facet
CoH dusk
2x Soj
Light skillers
and CTA/Spirit on switch

I have no mana problems whatsoever (around 1100 mana after BO) and do 43k max lightning dmg


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yes my merch uses eth Infinity Thresher, perfect eth cube bugged Fortitiude and 8/20 gaze with ed/str jewel

A lightning sorc is not really viable without Infinity :)


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Hiya Jozz,

Don't know how rich you are, but a Phoenix shield or weapon (or both) on switch does wonders for refilling one's bulbs. My lev. 91 pure lightning sorc runs with only 1,100 life and roughly 500 mana, and never has a problem. The 500 mana is enough to fuel my sparks (L/CL) through almost any battle, and when done, just switch to Phoenix for the Redemption and watch the bulbs fill.

You can flash Redemption mid-battle too, of course, if you find your bulbs dropping too fast (or get mana-burned), and keep on firing while doing so. Or teleport out for a second, redeem some corpses, and then teleport back in...

Phoenix on switch is not ideal for ES builds, because your mana needs then are just too high, and you probably won't redeem enough mana from corpses to compensate all the time for your massive mana use. But for a pure vita, or vita-blocking, build, it's ideal, because you'll probably find yourself needing to replenish both life and mana in roughly equal and moderate measures.

A single Phoenix item should more than suffice for almost any situation. I have both shield and weapon on switch (the auras stack, giving me lev. 28 Redemption) for those occasional times when I'm playing with a bunch of Hammerdins and we're all using Redemption, competing for corpses. In those cases, where corpse availability is limited, I want to get as much mana and life from every single corpse I can. But most of the time, using dual Phoenix is absolute overkill. If you can afford just one, it will still rock your world. You may never put that CTA on switch again... And it will make running a vita-block or pure vita build so much more fun...

(Phoenix on switch is also great for a Trapper build too, for the same reasons. Trappers have it even easier, because you can switch to Phoenix as soon as the traps are out, and keep Redemption running most of the time.)