Looking for a friend to play with


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Looking for a friend to play with

Im not really new to the game, id say maybe semi-pro... but i dont really have a friend to play with and stuff so its sort of boring that i can never talk to neone and stuff. I would like to find someone who plays in US.EAST and would have the same time zone as me. I got GMT +1 hours, yeah its funny i play from slovakia, europe and i go on US EASt, but whatever.. I would be particularly happy if there was ne slovak person who plays d2 and would want to be friends with me..

P.s doesnt have to be slovak, can be ne nationality, but it would be kool to play with someone from my own country.. get what i mean? im open to ne friends practically.

msg megafusion or jezovica

my brother usually plays on jezovica account so if he's sort of weird to u ignore him.. he probably wont know about this... thanks.. looking forward to meeting some new peeps....