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It's a joke, you know. Maybe the kittens are unhappy for the few seconds they are actually in the jars for the photographs.


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"The best solution is to seal the kitten's anus with Super Glue prior to insertion, and then insert a waste tube through a third hole in the vessel."

Hahaha that is so funny on so many wrong reasons.


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That's kinda gross, although I've seen it before.
I remember these girls in my school trying to get a petition signed so they would stop doing that...


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Doesn't look like the same website I saw a long time ago, and back then it looked real... this one looks totally fake.


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i hate taht site and you know, it was voted like the most hated, or worst site ever... yeah, i can understand why...


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I dunno... I think it's too cruel to be cool. Have y'all seen a kitten being cut up alive? It was so sad and yes, I saw them cooking it in the wok with basil. Search for "stir-fried kitten" on google and look upon the top links. It's sick, I'll tell ya.


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Maverikk said:
Are you mad or something!? What if Satrina finds this thread?? We're all dead!

*Hides in bunker.*
*Unleashes TeeTotal Hell all over* (Maverikk made me ;))

I know it's a joke, but still I'm sure there are sick people out there who would try this. And people visiting the site only keeps it up longer, and continues the threat against Kitties everywhere longer too. Animal cruelty isn't a joke, or cool, and the sooner so called people realise that the better the world will be.