Looking for a bow+ magic skills "formula" for zon


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like how many points i should put into certain skills to lead up and have the best combo between bow and magic skill trees for a zon.... example: like 4 points into cold arrown and 1 point into fire arrow..like that..


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I don't think anyone has replied simply because of what you're asking for. I mean, there are dozens of possible ways to play a zon effectively. There's no one formula. If you have a starting idea, try to explain it, and we can help. If you're clueless on zons in general, try one of the guides that are stickied at the top of the page. Or just read through the posts in the forum...I'm sure several builds have been discussed and outlined (besides the stickies).

It's just not feasible to give you an answer for what you're requesting. Every zon build will have different strengths and weaknesses. Skill point allocation also depends on all of the gear you'll be wearing. For now, just read through different threads and get an idea of which type of zon sounds the most fun to you.
the best route i have seen so far and this is with my lvl 73 zon on east is to use a shitload of points into freezing arrow and getting charms or weapons with cold damage or freezing
using a guided arrow from a far with a chance to freeze your target is priceless put points into peirce also or get a burz its invaluble against cows on any level ive had lvl 90 pallys and driuds thank me for using my freezing arrow on a horde of cows with peircing everything gets stopped and if your smart you will gain mana back from it with each hit :rant: