Looking for a 5-8 p group.


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Looking for a 5-8 p group.

Hello all I am not in a clan i do not want to be in a clan.

however i would like to get a group of 5 to 8 people together to either play
NL or ladder (since it looks like a reset isn't any time soon)

i play mostly NL.

As stated in some other threads. I get tired of the public forum on bnet. people are not of trust worthy note and trying to get item drops is crazy.

I would like to get a group of people together who like to item find and share items around so that we can make several different builds.

If we could start a ladder team we could get some of the cool ladder items if they ever do decide to reset we will have them. The other course is to do non-ladder uber runs and get torches to trade for ladder items on nonladder.

again this is not a clan this is just a select few trust worthy people.

PM me here if you are interested and we will get something going soon.


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Well sure, what level is your character? User name and time you usually get on?
I play both NL/L. Also, if we do play and you happen to pick up a Tal Armor (Guardianship) Please pass it on to me if you do not need it, I do Magic Find runs pretty often, anything else you find you can get most likely.


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I run NL East as of right now.

i have several characters

lvl 90 necro
lvl 80 barb
lvl 73 paladin

I had tal's armour but traded it off.

depends i work night shift so. i am usually on after i get up which is about 2:00 or so eastern time.

but you play on the west server.