Lookin for a solo p8 Barb build


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering, what would be the best Barb build for soloing the entire game (Normal to Hell), on /players 8, with the least headaches?
I don't mind trading a bit of clearing speed for not having to worry about dying every 5 minutes on hell.

I'm going to play the latest patch (1.14d), SP, SC, offline, no ladder RW and just GoMule to help me.

What are my options?

Thank you!


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I suggest a WW barbarian with the IK set. The armor might be a bit hard to obtein, but it's probably easier than most other gear setups needed for a rather safe approach.


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I second an IK WW barbarian. It is one of my favourite builds, I just love the set! Fun for MF too!


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If clear means "barb kills everything", then fast means "as quickly as possible" :)

With the following character, I'm doing well at /p3 and I don't think it will be significantly more risky at /p8:

Skills (prereqs not mentioned): Max WW, polearm mastery, BO, one in berserk, natural resistace, improved speed, rest in shout, then iron skin.

Stats: Enough in str and dex for equipment, rest in vit.

Gear: BotD great poleaxe, Guillaume's, Fortitude, Laying of Hands, Verdungo's Gore Rider, Highlord's, two life leech rings, charms with resists, life, faster hit recovery and faster running.

Merc: Nightmare act 2 offensive with Guillaume's, Reaper's Toll, Treachery (or another Fortitude if you think it's worth).

A couple of items could probably be replaced with MF stuff, but killing speed will suffer a bit then.
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Guido De Zwaan

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IK barbs are good! You might also try to look at a berserker with war cry for stun and howl for scaring monsters. I use that and it works nice, as the stun gives you clean shots on enemy's. Haven't tried war cry with ww combo, might not need to stun everyone with ww, as immortal king set already gives high defense.