Look! In desperate need of you guys' help :(


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Look! In desperate need of you guys' help :(

I recently started ladder, and decided to get a Sorc going as my first char in order to do some MFing. I'm currently level 70, and have:

MAX Meteor
12 Fireball
6 Cold Mastery
1 Fire Mastery
1 Static
1 Teleport
1 Prerequisites

Here's my equipment:)/)

Peasant Crown
Sanders Superstition
Tangerine Grim Shield of Blocking
Videla's Fletlock Boots
Crappy Rare Rings that don't do diddly :p
Magic Ammy with 11% MF

For my MF Equip, I switch to 17% gloves and 35% boots, for a whopping grand total of 63% MF. I know this is laughably low, but the thing is, I can't even really kill NM Meph. Everytime I try to run him, I have a terribly rough time surviving the way to Durance 3, and it usually takes me 2-3 lives to kill him. I'm desperately in need of better gear, first for this sorc, so she can farm better. I was wondering if there are any other good areas/bosses I could MF? It seems right now I'm just screwed -.- Thanks.


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Soepgroente said:
You can do some nightmare baalruns and get to lvl 80. You'll perhaps find some stuff too :)

If he is having a hard time with NM Meph, NM Baal may be even worse for him perhaps?

I would do a few NM bloody runs, if you are along that far. Start with Shenk/Eldrich, then work your weay down to town.

This would help you level I think, get a vew more skills and more equpment. Agther gold, higher value equipment to sell to Laz and check the vendors in town for better equipment after each runs while you are selling toi them.

This may help you level 4 or 5 times, so that you can then handle those NM Baal runs.

Also, are you using a merc?


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Yea i meant 8player public runs where you can just hang back basically :)

And yea shenk/pindle/eldtrich all help for xp, but not so much at lvl 70.


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Do the act5 runs for some item drops, and try running nm Bibosh/Tristam...lots bosses and uniques at tristam who drop ok in nm.

To be honest, were I new to ladder, I'd make a Summons Necro and run all the Boss areas...by level 70, he's more than done and quite capable of taking on any NM mf runs...untwinked.

Or perhaps a Blizzardess...mine, at clvl 50, can handle NM Meph runs pretty well with no merc.



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Where are the rest of your skill points? Have you done all the skill quests?
You should have 6 more skills.

Read the Meteorb guide in this forum.
Get a merc to hide behind.
Max your block.

Trade ... everyone is rune obsessed these days, trade mid level runes (Lem-Mal) for nice uniques, low level runes or P gems (Eth - Fal) for decent items. Crafters will part with surprisingly good stuff...

Run Hell Pit, guides for that in the forums as well!!!!!!!!!! Great stuff, great exp, low risk! Less risk in a cautious pit run than there is in a NM baal run. No black souls!

I've run my Meteorb sorc up to the low 80's. I find that I rarely use meteor. I typically have orb on right and fireball on left. I use orb unless cold immune, lots of those in the pit. So I'd suggest you max fire mastery and then fireball. If I ever build another Meteorb, I'd max meteor last. It's nice for MP baal exp runs, but it bites for solo play.

Use charms to increase life and mana. You don't need much in the way of resists for pit runs.

Forget about MF and concentrate on leveling until you get to the mid 80's.

Have fun!