Long time reader, First time Poster

Dark Warrior

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Long time reader, First time Poster

Hello all here at the SPF!! I figured it was time for me to introduce myelf, since I've been lurking around the forums for quite some time now.

I'm 29 years old, married, Kids, and been playin D2 since it came out. After a rather long time playin .09 on BNet, I got sick of all the hackers, cheaters and overall bad taste of it, I pretty much quite D2. I still surfed all the right places, keeping tabs on my 1 time best game I ever owned. Now, after about 2 years I finally re-installed D2 and started to play again. Having to start all over I found a new enjoyment for the game. Not to mention that its a bit tougher here in 1.10. So I found my slef coming back to SPF alot more often lookin for some doable guides to Pat/Mat.

In the past all I really played was HCAssassins. I am still a Sin player but I do relize that I need a Fast MF'er so I am in the process of building a Tri-Ele Sorc Named Tri-Fektia.

I forgot how much fun this game can be when all you have is crap and all you can find is more crap.... Makes it a bit more challenging.

Anyway thats pretty much all I have to say so if I missed something that you all think I should have added please feel free to ask.



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Hands dark warrior shin guards.

*dosn't look to painful. Seems it was a glancing blow.

I am in the process of building a Tri-Ele Sorc Named Tri-Fektia.
Good luck with the horse races and also in finding all new equipment. I started playing 1.10 back in Mar 04 and have found quite a few nice items myself.

I'm one of the SPF'ers that host MP games and welcome you to join in any time.

Welcome to the SPF :thumbsup:

- Masher


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Welcome to SPF! Check out the ATMA sticky and the Giveaways in this forum. That will definitely help you with your items. :)


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Welcome to the SPF, Dark Warrior. :)

Enjoy your stay here, and make it a long one!


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Hi there, welcome to the forums. I'm also a newbie around here, only resumed D2X after several years of on-and-off play. :)


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Welcome! Good look with your tri-elemental sorc, these can be hard untwinked(relatively).


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Welcome to the SPF, Dark Warrior :thumbsup:

Now, the first thing to do is to dump your wife and kids to ensure interruptible quality D2 time. And I'm dead serious.


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hmmm, must be a weekend, yep. *goes into the EU lounge kitchen and wips ups ome omre baked gooness*

Here's your welcome basket, Enjoy your stay! Get ATMA (if you don't already have the wonderful goodnes), read the stickies, ignore fb (he's not quite right in the head, imagine giving away a ligit Zod) and don't feed the squid. Oh, and while we're the best at answering questions, Mat/Pating under powered builds and whatnot, the tourneys are the bestest!


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Welcome to the SPF! Getting married and having kids gives you a whole new appreciation for the gaming time that you actually manage to achieve. Good luck with your build, enjoy your stay and have fun!