Long-time lurker, first-time poster


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Hi all!
I've visited the forums since I first started playing D2 in 2005. I joined under another user name (and think I did an intro) but never really was active because I didn't feel like I had much to add. I largely played cookie-cutters and don't do maths or wasn't able to add any insight to game mechanics.

I lost interest after a couple years and when I came back to D2 I had forgotten my user name on the forum and didn't even have that email anymore. At this point, I'm on my 3rd or 4th restart on SP.

I am one character away from 7x7 on latest restart (inspired by nightfish, although mine is in SC because I often play when I don’t want to play close attention, which isn’t a great approach in HC). I have a poison dagger + physical damage necromancer in A1 Hell as the 49th.

But the 99er challenge finally inspired me to stop lurking and say hello to everyone. I am a little embarrassed at getting so much knowledge and inspiration from the forums and not contributing, and still don't think I really have much to add. But at a minimum I can start adding congrats and encouragement every so often for the people who are still making this a great place to pass time over the last decade +.

Yes, I know about shin guards. But to do a proper intro thread, I’ll add that in RL, I live in California in the US. I’m an attorney by training and do policy and legal work. As to gaming, at this point, gaming is a fun break, usually for some minutes a couple days during the week, but occasionally for a large chunk over a weekend (as I will explain in the 99er thread). My favorite game of all time is X-Com. I still go back to play it every-so-often, although nothing will match the experience of my brother and me when we encountered our first Extra Large ship and were glued to the old 486 at 3 am. I generally enjoyed turn-based tactical or strategy the most, but the only game I regularly play now is D2.

I’ll post more in the 99er thread, but I was inspired by the idea of a clean restart with one character. Best of luck to everyone on their projects and priorities, and more importantly in RL.


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Welcome, you don't need to invent something new to be useful. This is all about the community. Having people who talk is what keeps this place alive.

Just having people reading and replying to the threads can motivate and spur others on. Otherwise single player can be a bit of a lonely experience. Feel free to ask any questions, gloat about your cool finds etc. Its all good.


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*steals wallet

We've had a bunch of newcomers lately. Drop by the Bar for Dew and conversation.


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Thanks for posting! Kicks shins, steals wallet, yadda yadda yadda.

Do tell about your 7x7, that is pretty impressive.


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Welcome, I'm glad you'll join us over at the 99er thread! We're only getting started over there.
The more the merrier as they say. I hope to hear about that 7x7 soon. :)


Glad you de-lurked! What part of California are you in? I grew up in Manhattan Beach, and am currently living in the greater Sacramento area.


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Thanks for the welcomes, all!

I will get around to summarizing the 7x7, once I figure out the best way to go about it. I kept notes on most, but not all, of the characters, and I have screenies and Pat/Mat GoMule dumps to at least remember final gear.

Noodle: It's good to see other CA residents around. We've lived in several places around CA, in LA, the Bay Area, but we're now in the North Bay and I work mostly in Sacramento.

Silver Moon

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Welcome to the forum! Don't worry about having nothing to contribute, I have had nothing but questions since I joined with nothing to contribute myself. Everyone is friendly here and willing to answer any questions you may have. Enjoy your stay!

I did not know about the shin guards when I joined :oops:
*shins still in pain*


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Hi, and welcome here :). Seems I did it in the wrong order, because I read and replied to your post in the 99 thread first.

Nice of you to delurk. As the others have said, it doesn't matter if you don't have much to add in terms of guides, technical details and such. Like so many people, I have plenty of experience with D2 under my belt, and I still don't know about so many aspects of the game. That's one of the reasons why I joined this community not so long ago, tournaments being the other major factor. I hope that over time I will be able to give something back for all that I have learned and am learning here.

And the 7x7 ... sounds impressive, looking forward to read more about it :).


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Welcome! As others have said, always nice to have new members and don't worry about your "contribution". Just being here and being active is more than enough. :)

I generally enjoyed turn-based tactical or strategy the most, but the only game I regularly play now is D2.
Get an emulator and play Shining Force 2 for Sega (the first is amazing as well, but the 2nd blows it out of the water). Everybody should play that game, it's amazing.


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Hey welcome to the SPF!

You say no contribution (nothing to worry about though) and we can expect you to sum up your 7x7 sept soon-ish?! Really, really looking forward to that! Awesome :)