long time diablo player experience - need suggestions ifra


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long time diablo player experience - need suggestions

This is my first attempt at an article for this board. Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I have been playing diablo and now diablo 2 since they first came out. However, unlike most people I play solely single player. Partly becuase i enjoy the challenge and on the other hand i never liked the idea of playing against guys who spent all day long muling and doing mephisto runs in multiplayer games. Dueling although it seemed like fun to me never really interested me since no matter what there would always be someone who either hacked all of the items, traded for them or played 24.7.

So let me tell you about my humble beginnings, when i first started to play diablo 1 i tried all of the characters believe it or not but eventually i found an eaglehorn for my rogue. ! boy what a find! eventually diablo 2 came out and I was eager to start playing. I needed more levels and characters badly as I was getting tired of diablo 1. When i got the second one I was totally impressed. My first character was a necromancer - partly becuase he looked cool and also he seemed very different to play. Now it is important to know that single player games a very different then multiplayer. I would read the articles written by people about the best builds or the most poison damage . I am sure you have all read those by now. However for the average guy playing in single player most of those buillds and items recommended are so impossible to find that it is just not really feasible. I don't care who you are but playing single player games trying to find things like harlequin shako or unique armours can be impossible. So I focussed my energies on making the most fun characters would could survive hell on their own. Now most people might read my builds and say wow that is so weak or I can't beleive what crappy items he has. But try and play single games and you will see hopw much more difficult it is to find rares and uniques. My 1st necro was quite a strange build. Back then there were no synergies by adding points in other skills so it really mattered where you allocated your points. Now at the same time I also had no real idea of what all the skills did, thus making chossing where to go very hard. I made some newbie mistakes but in the end it all worked out. For example in act 1 normal i thought that teeth was the best skill going. I never realized that by hell the damage from teeth would be next to 0. I put a bunch of points into skeletons they seemed cool, but i quickly found out how fragile they are. Finally i got wise and found iron maide n and blood golem. This turned out to be a perfect combo to help me get by. after time i started to try other skills as I gained experience, i tried bone spear which i loved and then i tried some of the poison skills. I managed to buy som great wands including one that had:

+ 2 necro skills
+ 2 golem mastery
+2 blood golem
few other minor mods as well.

this helped tremendously, remember at this time the expansion hadn't came out and choice items were few and far between.

I think this character got to level 50 or so and by then could finish the game on hell. (this would be next to impossible on ver 1.10)

Later i got the expansion and was amazed how much more powerful the set and unique items were. Runewords and amazed me, but playing single player and finding the harder runes is impossible. So now after a few years of playing through versions 1.8 - 1.10 I have just found new interest in playing. I started an assasin character when i fisrt got the expansion. Boy was she fun and easy to play. I just flew through levels and before i knew it i was on hell mode. I had some ok items but nothing to amazing some great rares so on I went. I had the luck of having very little magic find at all since it is so hard to be a strong character and have magic find until you either get some of the best items in the game or are very lucky. I had some great rare claws but none did enough damaa=ge to be competetive on hell act 5. i was in the lower kurast with like very little MF and believe it or not after killing a champiion monster i couldn't believe my eyes, "unique greated claws" best things i ever saw. You all know that =was a bartuc's and it made all the difference in the world for my character. I am now at the arena of the ancients trying to kill them. I have also managed to find a "stealskull", "tal-rasha's helm and belt", "set item troll belt" and many others. my act 2 merc with holy freeze aura uses the stealskull, and grim's reaper thresher. now I have a spire of honor for my merc not bad.

Anyhow I got version 1.10 and things changed a lot. It was way harder then before. My level 77 assasin used to walk right through pindleskin in hell but not anymore. Now it is a battle. moving forwards I wanted to try a character from start to finish in ver. 1.10. So I began what is my new character a druid.

I have read all the articles about druids and the problems with them and so on but i had never used one or seen one so i thought it would be fun to try. I decided after reading articles that elemental skills just wouldn't cut it in version 1.10 so i skipped these entirely. My character is just starting hell now and is level 70 i believe. Here are his stat poitns from what i can remember off the top of my head.

strength - 159
dex - 130
vitality - 165
energy - base

my skill points

lycanthropy - 14
wearbear - 20
maul - 8
shockwave - 6
grizzly bear - 13
heart of wolverine - 12
carrion vine-4

so as you all can see before telling me that i am stupid or what a waste of points - remember i am playing SINGLE player and things are very different in player versus monster. Also I have kept my act 1 merc since the beginning. she was the first one i got in the first quest and I plan on keeping her till the end. Just wanted to try it out. She has become a major force. She has on heavenly garb, a rare helm and a ferocious gothing bow of frost. somthing like (44-120) she averages something like 170-400 or so per arrow. She also has almost resist all 75 now in hell ! (I know this is not the best but i am hoping to find a better equipment for her) Ok so back to the skill points. Shockwave has become my most useful skill. It helps so much for crwod control, I let my grizzly bear go to the front and my merc stays in the back shooting everything. I go in for the kill with my maul skill and clean house. Now this works very well until a physically immune monster. Boy can they be hard to a druid, expecially with no elemental skills. I had found a jade tan do unique that I used for poison damage. hOWEVER THAT WASN'T STRONG ENOUGH FOR HELL. So I made it to diablo and with very little trouble managed to kill him, and believe it or not in nightmare he dropped a buriza! at first i thought wow this is so cool but how can i as a druid use this crossbow. But soon I learned how very cool the buriza is even to a druid. The damage it does is amazing especially for me just not even at hell yet. the cold damage is great against PI monsters, but most importantly i found that if i use it then switch to bear form I am no swinging so much faster. I have 30%IAS from my gloves and now with 80%IAS from the buriza my wearbear swings faster then using a dagger it seems. Wow sure is amazing, and even better for those really hard or lightning enchanted bosses I can shoot them from a distance. Needless to say I have been very pleased with this, and for those out there interested I had 20% magic find that is basically 0!!!! I kept playing and now i could finally beat the ancients, before I had goten to them but never did enough damage to really hurt them, not I got by and was on ym way to baal. I killed the minions fairly easily with my shock wave and maul, and for lester i shot at him from a distance as needed. I found baal to be quite easy at this point, i had 19% life lieech from my 2 leech rings and partial sigon's set bonus I had the armour and gloves (30%IAS and 10% life steal) He was easy, and check this out with no magic find baal on his first kill dropped ........ a buriza ??? yes it is true he dropped a close to perfect buriza I use nbow with 200% enchanced damage, 136 defense, 99 min damage and so on. Not only that but Ball also dropped a set item long bow and a unique armour : skin of the viper magi (serpentskin armour) This was the perfect armour for me so far , less magic damage, resistances, more defense and +1 to skills. !!! I was so happy.
Again all this with no magic find. No I have read all of the magic find guides and I have one thing to add. This may or may not be true but after playing diablo now for more than 4 years I have come to find that it may just be luck but it seems that if you kill enemies that are close to your own level, for whatever reason I found I tended to find much better items. I know many of you out there will say I am wrong and that is not the mathematical way it works but this is just an observation. I have found a number of good, not great becuase I am not at a high enough level items this way. One thing I also found with no MF was aldur's set hunter's guise. Just my luck here are the stats on the one I found.

def: 177
cold resist: 47%
25% faster hit recovery
17% mana regeneration
+5 light
get this 2 sockets!
but no + to any druid skills ??? is this normal ????

seems like ok helm but not great, I also just found dragoon's teachings which acts as my single hand weapon along with moser's circle I found !

Now back to my character, the plan was to max out werebere, lycanthropy and heart of wolverine, also trying to max grizzly bear as my tank and blocker for my merc. So far this has worked fairly well, the only trouble i have is with PI, Cold Immune monsters, these are a major problem for me still, but i have a number of poison and other charms which help a bit.

Now for the rest of my equipment: remember I am just starting Hell act 1:

infernostride boots
aldur's head piece
i had a bladbuckle belt but swpped it for a war belt with +78 life and lightning resist 29%
2 rare rings: both with life leach and some other good mods, like magic damaage reduced some resistance, + to min damage
i have a resist all ring 11 i use sometimes
i have three amulets you tell me which is the best

#1: resist all 25
#2 +1 druid skills
+ 12 energy
fire resist 37%
+2 light
damage reduced by 2
#3 +60 to life
resist lightning 26
resist cold 27
resist poison 27
magic damage reduced by 2

not the best but so far so good. I just found a +2 skills for barbarian, item but no use to me so i sold it.

i have magnu's skin gloves (set item) i used to have the golves from sander's set but found these and switched.

skin of the viper magi armour

So there you have it, my character in progress. He is very goo at player vs. monster, I have no problems killing nightmare diablo or mephisto I can stand right in front of them and swing away with ease.

Thanks to the buriza life has gotten much better. So now I will continue this character till the end, I was amazed that I had reached level 69 while still in nightmare mode. I did not do many MF runs I just went through each act exploring the whole map and killing everything i saw. My question goes out to the rest of you as to what weapons are realistic for this character to use. He is melee type but needs elemental damage as my physical damage is already quite high.

In bear mode with my Heart of wolverine my damage without maul is something like 500-1800 I am not sure exactly as I am not looking at the screen now I believe it is really higher than that, with maul this can double on the max side.

Is there anyone else out there who plays single player like me?? and knows that realistically some of the elite set items and uniques may never be found ??

Also it is a fact that is it far more likely to get better and more items in a multiplayer game, or with trading.

I hope that whoever reads this enojoys my description. I have much more to discuss about character building for fun (not dueling) just drop me a line or ask any questions, would also love to hear suggestions for single player items that would helpl me out.

thanks hope you enjoyed my first post !


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canadadiablomaster said:
Is there anyone else out there who plays single player like me?? and knows that realistically some of the elite set items and uniques may never be found ??
There's a whole Single Player forum just for that play offline, you can find it here.

If you ever need items, I own 1700 1.09 items, and the 1.10 stash is still growing. Don't be afraid to ask :)

Edit: I noticed you crossposted this in two different forums, this is not allowed.

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As mentioned above you should check out the Single Player forum. There is a great people there that regularly post - that makes for some good discussions. Also be sure to check on the forums for the individual characters. I am sure with your knowledge of the game you can help a lot of ppl out.

One more thing...Welcome to the forums :clap: :yep:

-Backdoor Bandit