Long overdue mat thread - Stardust


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Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

Attention! This character has been changed, view the updated version here:
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- Some introduction and history -

Well.. I've been around these forums for quite some time and haven't yet written about or at least reported a single pat/mat. Why? Because they where mostly boring builds that I made either to MF or test how far I can push a hybrid sorc.

Without any further delay.. Ladies and gents, let me introduce my guild of mages.

Sorrow is my dedicated AT running blizzard sorc.
Adjudication is the LK runner.
The Dea, Deity and Divinity triplet where all slightly different cold/light hybrids (no tokens back then :p).

And now, the more interesting builds.

First of, Fervor. Made her a long time ago as an enchantress to help speed up my forge rushes, leveling of new chars, etc. Later respecialized into some insane, kinda suicidal, physical damage based build. She was sporting a 3x eth tomb reaver, fortitude, might merc, the works. Damage was around 5000, average. Life leech was crazy, but.. she had lots of problems, running around with a massive polearm might look really cool, but lacks the safety that all sorcs really need. It was fun tearing through stuff until I encountered gloam/archer packs, then it was mostly dying. Also, she couldn't manage p8 on her own. And then I remembered.. a build I had in mind for years, but never managed to obtain all the fancy gear I needed.

- Stardust -

I had her in my mind for more than four years.. planning, yearning, trying to find the items I needed. In the end she became a dream I never realized. Until now, when 1.13, a few lucky drops and some good trades made it all possible.

I had the problem of making a melee sorceress that could both tank and deal damage. Even enough to handle p8 baal runs. The only way I could achieve this was to make an elemental damage based sorc and that required a lot of hard to find gear.

Stardust's LCS, after killing p8 ancients

- Skill allocation and reasoning -​

The skill layout is quite simple, but it's simplicity hides the secret from which this build draws its power. The way elemental masteries work on a sorc is well known today, by most people. For those few that haven't studied melee sorcs in detail I will provide a short explanation.

Any elemental damage dealt by the sorc is amplified by the appropriate mastery. This is quite clear. However, when in melee, the bonus is added two times, but it only works this way for auras and enchant's fire damage. So with +500 holy shock's (I know its more with dream's lvl 15 HS, this is just an example) lighting damage and LM providing +400% she will be dishing out 12500 lightning damage instead of the expected 2500. This is why melee enchantresses reach impressive LCS damage numbers.

Lets move on to the skill layout.

Fire mastery - 20 - to get the most out of enchant and all other fire damage
Enchant - 20 - maxing for damage, attack rating and duration
Warmth - 20 - Enchant synergy
Lightning mastery - 20 - insane boost to lightning damage
Cold mastery - 1 - with + skills, usually, doubles your cold damage output
Shiver armor - 12+ - superior than Frozen armor, chills monsters before they actually hit you, also defense, yeah, I actually rolled with a defiance merc for a while and had about 13k defense, but holy freeze proved to be more efficient. I might switch back to defiance when the merc becomes beefier, had to take HF because Lister & co would eat him alive
Teleport, telekinesis, static field and prerequisites - a total of 8 points - no brainers for any sorc

The build will be done at level 98 which I am hoping to get to one day as my final goal for this character. No doubt, this will be a long journey, but with her being fully able to do solo p8 baal runs under five minutes, I don't see why she wouldn't get there one day.

- Stats -​

Strength - had to push it as high as 165 so Arkaine's would stay equipped when I switched to CtA/Spirit
Dexterity - as much as it takes to maintain maximum block, attack rating isn't really an issue (will explain later)
Vitality - everything else goes here, you want you sorc to live
Energy - totally irrelevant for this build, level 30ish warmth will ensure you have enough mana to teleport and cast an occasional static field

- The Gear -​

Everyone was really just waiting for this part, right? ;)

There are many key items in this build, without them it just doesn't work.

I had the runes for an Enigma, but I said to myself: "Ef that, I'm making my Dream come true".

The holy shock aura provided by this RW adds a heap of lightning damage, which is all amplified by LM, twice. Its what makes this build so strong.

The weapon of choice is Azurewrath, a beautiful sword, fast, plenty of elemental damage, many tasty mods.

Storm shield for protection, although I'm still uncertain should I use a Shael'd or the Um'd one (with the latter I can swap out resistance charms for more elemental damage).

1.07 Arkaine's Valor, enough said. Perfect for this build.

Raven frost and a beta BKWB coupled with an awesome crafted amulet which I received in a trade with Fabian.

Blood Talisman
Required Level: 89
Fingerprint: 0x11a5847c
Item Level: 95
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Sorceress Skill Levels
+6% Faster Cast Rate
+20 to Dexterity
+11 to Mana
Regenerate Mana 6%
All Resistances +20
Damage Reduced by 2
Thundergod's Vigor for the stats and lightning immortality.

Sandstorm Trek's for stats and poison resist.

The only slot which might use an improvement is the glove slot. Really have no idea what to put in here, so I'm using a nice rare pair. 20% IAS is mandatory to hit the maximum attack speed with Azurewrath (2.5 attacks per second).

Death Hold
Light Gauntlets
Defense: 9
Durability: 18 of 18
Required Level: 48
Required Strength: 45
Fingerprint: 0x7ad2c72a
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+20% Increased Attack Speed
+14 to Dexterity
+15 to Mana
Fire Resist +25%
Poison Length Reduced by 25%
And CtA/Spirit on my prebuff, teleport, static and what not switch. Together with the crafted amulet I hit 37+ FCR, while not too fast, its a good teleporting speed for a melee sorc.

Inventory is filled with skillers with life, many elemental and resistance charms.

Full gear readouts for the curious:

Defense: 258
10% Chance to cast level 15 Confuse when struck
Level 15 Holy Shock Aura When Equipped
+20% Faster Hit Recovery
+30% Enhanced Defense
+188 Defense
+10 to Vitality
Increase Maximum Life 5%
+56 to Mana (Based on Character Level)
All Resistances +13
25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
3 Sockets (3 used)

Phase Blade
One Hand Damage: 116 - 131
Required Level: 85
Required Strength: 25
Required Dexterity: 136
Fingerprint: 0x49b9c1c3
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Level 13 Sanctuary Aura When Equipped
+1 to All Skills
+30% Increased Attack Speed
275% Enhanced Damage
+25% Damage to Undead
+38 to Attack Rating against Undead
Adds 250 - 500 Magic Damage
Adds 18 - 33 Fire Damage
Adds 1 - 83 Lightning Damage
Adds 250 - 500 Cold Damage Over 10 Secs (250 Frames)
All Stats +6
+3 to Light Radius
1 Sockets (1 used)
Socketed: Beast Eye

Beast Eye
Required Level: 49
Fingerprint: 0x811a9dd2
Item Level: 86
Version: Expansion 1.10+
15% Enhanced Damage
+25% Damage to Undead
+38 to Attack Rating against Undead
Adds 18 - 33 Fire Damage
Adds 1 - 83 Lightning Damage

Defense: 484
Chance to Block: 47
Required Strength: 156
+35% Faster Block Rate
25% Increased Chance of Blocking
+337 Defense (Based on Character Level)
+30 to Strength
Cold Resist +60%
All Resistances +22
Lightning Resist +25%
Damage Reduced by 35%
Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 10
1 Sockets (1 used)
Socketed: Um Rune

Raven Frost
+225 to Attack Rating
Adds 15 - 45 Cold Damage Over 4 Secs (100 Frames)
+19 to Dexterity
+40 to Mana
Cold Absorb 20%
Cannot Be Frozen

Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
+2 to All Skills
3% Life stolen per hit
+45 to Life (Based on Character Level)
+50 Maximum Stamina

Death Hold
Light Gauntlets
Defense: 9
+20% Increased Attack Speed
+14 to Dexterity
+15 to Mana
Fire Resist +25%
Poison Length Reduced by 25%

Arkaine's Valor
Balrog Skin
Defense: 1554
Required Strength: 165
+2 to All Skills
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
+200% Enhanced Defense
+225 to Vitality (Based on Character Level)
+180 to Life (Based on Character Level)
All Resistances +15
Fire Resist +50%
1 Sockets (1 used)
Socketed: Um Rune

Thundergod's Vigor
War Belt
Defense: 158
Required Strength: 110
5% Chance to cast level 7 Fist of the Heavens when struck
Adds 1 - 50 Lightning Damage
+3 to Lightning Strike (Amazon Only)
+3 to Lightning Fury (Amazon Only)
+199% Enhanced Defense
+20 to Strength
+20 to Vitality
+10% to Maximum Lightning Resist
+20 Lightning Absorb

Blood Talisman
+2 to Sorceress Skill Levels
+6% Faster Cast Rate
+20 to Dexterity
+11 to Mana
Regenerate Mana 6%
All Resistances +20
Damage Reduced by 2

Sandstorm Trek
Scarabshell Boots
Defense: 265
Required Strength: 81
+20% Faster Run/Walk
+20% Faster Hit Recovery
+168% Enhanced Defense
+12 to Strength
+15 to Vitality
+90 Maximum Stamina (Based on Character Level)
50% Slower Stamina Drain
Poison Resist +66%
Repairs 1 Durability in 20 Seconds


Call to Arms
Crystal Sword
+1 to All Skills
+40% Increased Attack Speed
265% Enhanced Damage
Adds 5 - 30 Fire Damage
7% Life stolen per hit
Prevent Monster Heal
+2 to Battle Cry
+6 to Battle Orders
+6 to Battle Command
Replenish Life +12
30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
5 Sockets (5 used)

Defense: 138
+2 to All Skills
+32% Faster Cast Rate
+55% Faster Hit Recovery
+250 Defense vs. Missile
+22 to Vitality
+112 to Mana
Cold Resist +35%
Lightning Resist +35%
Poison Resist +35%
+5 Magic Absorb
Attacker Takes Damage of 14
4 Sockets (4 used)


Shimmering Grand Charm of Balance
+12% Faster Hit Recovery
All Resistances +13

Burning Grand Charm of Storms
+1 to Fire Skills (Sorceress Only)
Adds 1 - 33 Lightning Damage

Burning Grand Charm of Sustenance
+1 to Fire Skills (Sorceress Only)
+29 to Life

Sparking Grand Charm of Vita
+1 to Lightning Skills (Sorceress Only)
+41 to Life

Sparking Grand Charm of Vita
+1 to Lightning Skills (Sorceress Only)
+36 to Life

Sparking Grand Charm of Sustenance
+1 to Lightning Skills (Sorceress Only)
+23 to Life

Shocking Large Charm
Adds 1 - 82 Lightning Damage

Sparking Grand Charm of Life
+1 to Lightning Skills (Sorceress Only)
+20 to Life

Foul Small Charm of Storms
Adds 1 - 26 Lightning Damage
Adds 50 Poison Damage Over 4 Secs (100 Frames)

Coral Small Charm of Good Luck
Lightning Resist +9%
7% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Smoking Small Charm of Balance
+5% Faster Hit Recovery
Adds 5 - 18 Fire Damage

Amber Small Charm
Lightning Resist +10%

Arcing Small Charm
Adds 1 - 37 Lightning Damage

Amber Small Charm of Dexterity
+2 to Dexterity
Lightning Resist +10%

Amber Small Charm of Strength
+1 to Strength
Lightning Resist +10%

Sapphire Small Charm of Storms
Adds 1 - 23 Lightning Damage
Cold Resist +11%

Amber Small Charm
Lightning Resist +11%

Arcing Small Charm of the Glacier
Adds 1 - 37 Lightning Damage
Adds 3 - 6 Cold Damage Over 1 Secs (25 Frames)

Serpent's Small Charm of Storms
Adds 1 - 28 Lightning Damage
+14 to Mana

- Mercenary -​

Deserves a special section since he is very important for this build.

Providing both HF and conviction, along with incredible crowd control through Delirium. Makes the build safer, skyrockets the elemental damage and makes things much easier to hit. This is why AR wasn't an issue. Also, I use battle cry on baal to further lower his defense (along with damage), probably, making my sorc reach the maximum 95% chance to hit.

Since both Infinity and Delirium where key items the merc turned out to have no life leech at all. So I had to make CoH, "just" for the leech. There are a few unique choices, but they are not particularly impressive.

Emilio's Items:

Chains of Honor
Dusk Shroud
Defense: 782
Durability: 20 of 20
Required Level: 63
Required Strength: 77
Fingerprint: 0x131b5a85
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to All Skills
+200% Damage to Demons
+100% Damage to Undead
8% Life stolen per hit
+70% Enhanced Defense
+20 to Strength
Replenish Life +7
All Resistances +65
Damage Reduced by 8%
25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
4 Sockets (4 used)

Defense: 314
Durability: 20 of 20
Required Level: 64
Fingerprint: 0x5ccd810f
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
14% Chance to cast level 13 Terror when struck
6% Chance to cast level 14 Mind Blast when struck
1% Chance to cast level 50 Delirium when struck
11% Chance to cast level 18 Confuse on striking
+2 to All Skills
+261 Defense
+10 to Vitality
50% Extra Gold from Monsters
25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Level 17 Attract (60/60 Charges)
3 Sockets (3 used)

Giant Thresher
Two Hand Damage: 284 - 810
Durability: 28 of 28
Required Level: 66
Required Strength: 178
Required Dexterity: 130
Fingerprint: 0x2715cef3
Item Level: 98
Version: Expansion
50% Chance to cast level 20 Chain Lightning when you Kill an Enemy
Level 12 Conviction Aura When Equipped
+35% Faster Run/Walk
374% Enhanced Damage
-49% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
40% Chance of Crushing Blow
Prevent Monster Heal
+45 to Vitality (Based on Character Level)
30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Level 21 Cyclone Armor (30/30 Charges)

- Final thoughts -

I would really like to get her to level 98 so she would be finished. Its an incredible pleasure to play this character. I wanted to make her for such a long time.. and she turned out even more powerful than I have ever imagined.

She can handle almost everything. The only real problem are unblockable attacks such as viper magi's bone spears. Even p8 fire and lightning immune lister (unbreakable by Infinity) goes down under 30 seconds. Courtesy of heaps of cold and magic damage provided by Azurewrath.

The charm department could use some improvements, so I might trade or try to find better charms on my own. Also, I'll be crafting some safety amulets, trying to score 7+ ICoB (needing a lot less dex to achieve max block means a lot more vitality), 10 FCR, 15 - 20 resists, str or dex and 2 to sorc skills. This could take me like a thousand tries, that's why I have already traded for that amulet with Fabian.

Some questions I predict will be asked. (But feel free to ask anything which you are wondering about and I haven't covered in the write up.)

Why not use Passion so you don't have to single click on everything you want to kill?

Passion might have zeal build it, but it is much weaker than Azurewrath, just compare the mods. The speed difference is 2.5 vs 3.25 attacks per second, with that I can live with. I don't need the extra AR or damage from zeal since the physical component is negligible in this build. And style. Definitely style.

No life leech?

Yeah, no real life leech. I experimented with leech as high as 20%, but the physical damage is just too weak for her to be able to steal any decent amounts back. So I just drink potions when I have to.

What can hurt this char?

Besides pure, unblockable magic damage the only real issue is when wave 3 or 4 spawn with conviction. That's why I'm considering trading or getting my own 1.07 loh (massive fire absorb). Certainly extra fast, might or fanatic lister is trouble, but it is for most melee chars. And the real trouble is that the merc drops dead in seconds, they can't kill her fast enough, before she teleports away.

And some random stats for the conclusion of this lengthy post.

Primary - Naked/Gear / Switch - Naked/Gear - Without buffs / Buffed

Strength: 133/202 / 133/172
Dexterity: 178/239 / 178/239
Vitality: 194/470 / 194/492
Energy: 35/41 / 35/41
HP: 557/1518 / 557/1550 / 2040 with bo
Mana: 213/349 / 213/461 / 578 with bo
Stamina: 347/487 / 347/487
Defense: 44/2925 / 44/2925 / 7552 with shiver armor
AR: 840/1370 / 840/1370 / 5466 with enchant

Fire: 188/148/** / 166/126/66
Cold: 184/144/84 / 137/97/37
Lightning: 188/148/** / 176/136/76
Poison: 179/139/79 / 192/152/92

MF: 32 / 62
GF: 0 / 0
FR/W: 20 / 20
FHR: 87 / 142
IAS: 50 / 60
FCR: 6 / 38
Block: 83 / 52

Hope you liked my melee sorceress :)
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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust


just wow!

What an awesome character!



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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

Sexy lady, drive me crazy ^^

I had the honour to see her in action yesterday, in a p8 baal, and my blizz/ball sorc had great difficulties in keeping up with here in killing speed, it and you are just insane. That a sorc with 900 hp could be so good, it seems you have very well thought it through. GG and hope to see her in action again sometime.


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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

Thanks guys! Eh.. I didn't even notice it since I was in a hurry for work, but I think gomule messed up the stats. She has 1500ish hp (without BO). I'll fix the "random stats" section when I get home :)

Her buffed stats are shown in the SS where she is standing at the arreat summit.

And I'm pretty sure you will be seeing more of her since I intend to get some leveling going and its always more fun in MP.


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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

An amaaazing build! You got my into Enchant when i read your thread here.. Ghonna plan a nice build. Thank you for the performance spirit. :)


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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

Grats on the sexy mat!

It's funny cause she has some similarities to something I'm planning.

I'll have to join some MP games to see her in action :thumbup:


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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

This is a really, really cool character. She looks so good in-game! Perfect name too.

I'm very impressed.


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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

always like seeing melee sorcs, congratulations!

i'm curious why you didnt go for the double dream approach? nor did you use passion for the zeal which is fairly standard as well.


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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

Nice character, looks pretty awesome. Did you consider trying a kingslayer as your weapon (for vengeance)?


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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

Oh yes, I thought out the name really well. It just seemed to fit perfectly with the theme. All the sparkling from shiver armor and azurewrath's sanctuary, the elemental damage and the trail of dust she leaves behind her :grin:

Jcakes, yes I have, but vengeance's damage is converted from physical damage so I'm not sure how that would have worked out. Might give it a go some time.

crawlingdeadman, I didn't have a second Jah :p But really I don't think I want to make another one, that way she is very lightning oriented and more fragile. I wanted a well rounded up character that tank p8 stuff. And something more unique.

The passion vs azurewrath part I actually explained in my mini FAQ ;)
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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

I don't get some of the choices you've made. You have 'Chains of Honor' on your mercenary. Yet, you chose to use 1.07 Valor for yourself instead of 'CoH'. It'd save you 31 stat points (which would make up for some of life loss, and it would all be BO'able) and give you @50. I'm not sure it'd be better, but I was surprised.

In any case, good use of 1.07 Valor. It's an awesome armor and this is one of the characters who benefits a lot from it.

I'm surprised how much you emphasised lightning damage from equipment. See, damage from 'Dream' and Enchant gets multiplied twice, but damage from equipment only once. I think I'd prefer straight out life charms or something.

It's a pity you didn't have place to fit Dracul's. If I were you, I'd consider using it and Cat's Eye or HLW for IAS instead. Or while we're at it, Shael in the weapon. I just think that this is one of those characters where Dracul's just changes things around completely. No way that this jewel (neat as it is) has more value for you than Drac's. You've mentioned that no amount of LL will be enough, and you're right, but Life Tap would make the difference. Altough might not be as good with 10fpa, I've never played it with such a slow attack. Just some food for thought.

If I were you, I'd try out the 5-frame blocking to see if I like it. 'Um' is dirt cheap in 1.13c.

A very interesting character a and a cool read. Grats!


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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

There was a big CoH vs Valor dilemma. But Valor turned out to give a lot more life in the end and 30% FHR (just enough to hit 7 frame and 6 frame hit recovery on the teleport switch), additionally I could put in an Um rune in it to get a bit closer to those beautiful resits CoH provides. And yeah, I thought if I'll ever use this armor this is probably going to be it, fits really nice in the build. And this amulet is kinda important to get to 10 frame teleport since I do have to get to Baal in reasonable time.

"See, damage from 'Dream' and Enchant gets multiplied twice, but damage from equipment only once."

Thank you so much for mentioning this. I noticed something was off when I was trying out Cranebeak with its 1 - 300 lightning damage.. I was wrong about that part of the masteries.

I did give Dracul's a spin and 5% with her attack speed wasn't that great, but what was worse.. confuse from merc's Delirium goes off pretty often so it usually overrides my occasional life tap proc.

I have one SS with Shael and one with Um, tried both. With HF and ctc confuse it seems the next blocking frame isn't crucial.

When I level her a bit more I'm planning to try different gear setups. Add Dracul's and remove Deliruim. There will also be some changes in the charms department now that you pointed out how mastery works with other sources of damage. I'd feel too bad to destroy this jewel so I think I'll wait for another Azurewrath to drop (or trade for one) and put a Shael in it.

Thank you for giving me some good advice :)


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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

Hah.. posted here by mistake. Now I'll have to correct some mistakes in the mat post as punishment.


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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

Nice quarter-yearly bump there. Thanks!
That is an awesome char. Great read, and impressive list of gear! Just wow!

A belated congrats on the Matriach!


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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

Stardust – an update to the matriarch thread

It's been a while. Had another long break form diablo and came back once again. I'm happy to see there are still people playing this game. The reason for my return is unfinished business, of course :crazy:

Almost a year ago I've finally made Stardust, but it wasn't until recentely that she had reached a high enough level to become what she truly was meant to be. I'm afraid I don't really know how to call this build anymore. She has grown into a hybrid of some sort, still very durable and able to absorb p8 blows, still dealing heavy damage in meele and all that while looking wicked cool, but now with an AoE solution – Blizzard.

The skill layout and core items haven't changed that much, but I'm still trying to tweak and get the most out of the build. Unfortunately, I've reached a wall until I'm able to craft a „2/16+ FCR/anything else is gravy“ amulet so I can swap out Magefist for 1.07 Laying of Hands and try out a new weapon with massive resists and many other mod that fit great into this build. Although I'll be sad to swap out Azurewrath this way she'd have no more worries about convicted Bartuc and Ventar, even Burning Souls with conviction wouldn't be too scary and most certainly not near instant death. Also, I believe her Baal runs would be a bit faster. This is very important since I'm actually planning to take her all the way to 99.. Will she ever get there I can't tell for sure, but I'm not going to rush things, this will be a lenghty project. As it is now, with her Baal runs being less than four minutes it's possible. If I played for 30 mintues every day a year of patient Baaling could get her there.

Well.. on to the skills and stats..

Cold Tree:

Maxed Glacial Spike and Blizzard provide a decent 2352 – 2475 damage AoE slowing attack.

I chose Frozen Armor over Shiver, with the monster's CR low the cold length is usually one second in hell and this is pretty good, also saved a skill point.

One point in Cold Mastery is enough with plus skills and the conviction aura from her mercenary.

With prerequisites the cold tree uses up 45 skill points and I consider it to be completed.

Lightning Tree:

One point Static, TK and TP.

Maxed Lightning Mastery.

Only 23 points used up and so much gain, boosting Dream's lightning damage to 7 – 17000.

Fire Tree:

Maxed Enchant and currently placing points into Warmth and Fire Mastery, goal is 10/10 and can be reached when she's become level 99 :whistling:

Two points in prerequisites.

As far as stats go she has enough strength to wear gear and sufficient dexterity to reach 75% block. The rest of the points are placed into vitality getting her health bulb levels a little above 2400 life.

Total LCS damage is 3252 – 23k, and probably 30-50% more with conviction, at 2.5 attacks per second backed up by 2500 – 5000 damage Blizzards to anything that is not cold immune and can be broken if it is.


When the call to arms arrives, by her spirit she's empowered for a great journey to come. Shielded from storms and mighty blows with great valor she treks the plains of hell. Atop her head still a dream lays, the demons know her azure wrath. Kept safe by a raven she waves her mage hands and spells are cast. Viewed through a kaleidoscope the reality soon bends, like an arachnid she hides. Weaving the web of deceit, luring the beasts, sealing their fate by a wedding band of death.

Item readouts are so boring :p

I've taken Greebo's advice and replaced the elemental damage charms with more life, resists and some skillers. Any sorceress skiller gives a lovely boost the the corresponding skill tree's damage output.

FCR is now 40 (10 frame) on the combat switch and 70ish (9 frame) on the Cta and teleport switch and I wouldn't settle for anything less. FHR 87 (7 frame) while fightnig and 142 (6 frame) when teleporting while FBR is the basic SS's BR and I feel I'd like to improve it to 5 frames using a Shael Rune, but I can't afford a loss of 22 to all resistances from the Um Rune until I get that FCR amulet and I'm able to replace my gloves and weapon to give a Silence PB a try.

She still has no life leech. I gave Dracul's a spin from l93 to 94 and although the Life Tap is very nice it triggers too seldom to be really useful so I'm back to drinking potions when it's necessary.

To conclude this update here is an image of her LCS and inventory:

And a little thank you to all of you for reading and for being such a great community. Lets see for how long can we keep this place going :thumbup:​
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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

congrats :) that's a cute set-up!

Jason Maher

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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

Belated congrats. I can attest first hand how effective Stardust is, as I've been doing some MP CS/Baal runs with my Multizon. The two work quite well together, although my lass is a bit of third wheel when it comes to the bosses (Blizzard with that much -ECR takes them down in no time at all), what with her cheeky little dagger pokes.


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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

Ravenfrost? Cham that Ark's and get second beta BKWB :p Just first thing that came to my mind.
+2 skills should help a lot with all elements as well as BO levels.
One more thing that I don't really like is that you have no curse above enemies heads. You should get beta Delirium (33% ctc Confuse - entire screen) for extra safety. Infinity/CoH on merc should be able to take care of him not dieing too much I think.

It's cool to see effective 3 elemental sorceress actually. Quite inspirational :)


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Re: Long overdue mat thread - Stardust

Thank you all :)

Good advice there, frozzzen.

Yes, that Ravenfrost has been bugging me for some time now, it's clear I use it "just" for the CBF. The 20 dex is ok since I have to invest less to reach max block so it's 20 more vita, but even a regular BKWB might be better (although the +life isn't affected by BO). I'm definitely going to consider this when/if I find a Cham. I'm not so sure I'll get my hands on another beta BKWB though.

Another issue with socketing Ark's with a Cham is that I can't reach 2.5 APS with a Silence PB.. if only that Eld rune (causes monster to flee) was a Shael instead. It would have made that Runeword godly for my build. This way it's got only 20 IAS so I would need 20 from gloves and 10 more and the only way I can see it happen is via a fervor jewel. The only two places I can socket it are the armor and shield and I was hoping for a Shaeled SS, but might settle for something else. Arachnid's is too crucial to be replaced by Nosferatu's just for the IAS. Hmm, I've just checked this:

IASattack speed [ticks]attacks per second

The difference is really small, that's good news :)

I also gave some thinking to the no curse problem and I've browsed all helmets for ctc some curses for my merc. I didn't like Delirium since it can crash the game while the merc is in fetish form and BO runs out (also I don't have a beta delirium :p, but I've been using the regular one before).

Edit: I has just occurred to me that, if I get used to recasting BO and prevent the game from crashing while using Delirium on the merc, I could use a Prayer one instead of HF thanks to the added safety and actually have some sort of life regeneration!
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