Lol, look what Baal just dropped !


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Rares are a bitter/sweet thing one one hand you could of had a unique on the other hand, there are some pretty wicked rares out there.



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I'm so sorry for u getting a failed unique Archon Plate!

For that I wish you get 10 unique light plate in a row in the coming baal runs! :D


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I remember getting a 3x durability rare Scissors Suwayyah etheral from pindle last ladder season. I nearly fainted on that one.


Hahaha...Plate d'Archonte...hahaha...

I should change my language to French for a while. Guaranteed laughs.


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IntelligentX said:
Who say unique archon plate doesn't exist?
There's heavenly garb and que-hegan's wisdom!
those need to be upd to elite(mp) status, heavenly garb is normal, que hagen is Exceptional


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most HIGH res.// dur. items are norm - but cuz they have such low skll value - we throw then away : i dont need a 800 def 125 dur. Chainmail - with no xtras.


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Poor Frosty...when he shows off a item, it's always the same joke :grin:
Nevermind :grin: ! People that laugh at foreign screenshots are probably the ones that just can't understand them because they don't speak anything else than English... Or maybe it's just kiddies that aren't far enough in school yet to learn foreign languages. I can speak 3 languages with ease (English, French and German), and I'm still pretty ignorant compared to some other members here who speak 5 or 6 languages :rolleyes:...