LoD v.s. Classic


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LoD v.s. Classic

hey everyone, i was thinking about going back to classic. i have been playing lod for some time now and i was wondering if anyone can explain to me the differences if any between the two. thanks


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-no act5
-no charms, jewels, ethereal items
-no assasin, druid
-no exceptional or elite uniques
-mercs dont carry through from game to game
-no runewords, no runes
-your stash is half the LOD size
-there is no weapon switch on your character
-lastly, it's a ton of fun

Thats about it I think...


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There are no:
elite anything.
exceptional or elite set items.
magic items with cruel prefix and the max +to maximum dmg is 20
soceted armor except by SOJ.

Other differences:
some other combinations of rare prefixes aren't in classic like rare rings cant have 30+ mf.
you cant give mercs items/potions.
hell resist penalty is -50 to all
nightmare is -20 (could be -25)
monsters are weaker/lower lvl so its harder to lvl up.
other ones I cant remember


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another important small thing for pvp:

dexterity does not affect % chance to block. Only the shield itself does.

Also theres no absorb so resist stacking is vital.


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Wyvern said:
Unless you can find someone that has been playing since pre 1.08 like me who has several 30%+ mf rings.
or you can just go for a 30% nagel.


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you can find magic rings with up to 40 mf on classic in 1.10. I know because i have seen them on the ladder and i myself have a 35 mf ring


In 1.10 LoD> Classic simply because Classic got way imbalanced by 1.10 which strictly was a LoD patch ;/