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Hi to all! I'm KesGan, a really of fan of Diablo! I can't speak english very good: sorry for my language :whistling:
So, here's the problem: I'm making a new wiki of Diablo in my language, but I can't figure out how to make a table (template, navigation box) like this one (link). Do you have download some extension for MediaWiki? Or what?

Thanks you! Oh, nice site! I visit it every day :p


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Leord set all those up, through much effort and trial and error. Wikis aren't real friendly to advanced HTML stuff.

The best way to get wikis to work is to just grab a page's source via the edit button, and then modify that and try it. If there are other parts you need, your wiki will usually show a broken link to that page, which means you need to go back and get that page too. It's largely trial and error.

I had to grab about 10 template pages from wikipedia.org in order to get the proper references/footnotes links to work.