LLD trapper, viable?


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LLD trapper, viable?

fury pelt or ww helm is impossilbe for me to get, so I think its ood time i start something else for lld. (hld shifter is growing on me btw...although still fiding it hard to get 10K life even with oak. this is all ita or somethin?)

anyway, enough OT, trying to build an Lightning based trapper, since fire based dmg was lower than expected.
..that and there is no light sorbs.

Hell rushed, so she will have something like 12 from quests and 29 from lvling, so 41 skills altogether.

gears I am thinking

Long sword spirit (eth one)
2/20 circ
viper magi
caster belt/soe
rhyme bone shield
fcr amu
= way too much fcr :p
even with lowest spirit roll, I should hit 102 bp.

1 to mb, rest to LS synergy, giving me +9 trap skills ending up with 4-1002 dmg LS.
or would 1 pts in SM be better (lowering trap dmg to around 900 max)
i am also thinking 1 pts in WoF but will it be any use like in hld without any decent dmg to it?

average dmg will be 400~500, and with mb i think it might be viable. but i dunno, opinions?


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Re: LLD trapper, viable?

i've made them both (fire and light) and talked about the differences extensively with mebd. they're both viable. lightning does tons more damage as you know, but it also does much better with a c/c set up. if you're going to be stuck with spirit/rhyme i'd suggest fire trapper. they do very little damage as you've pointed out, but they stun much better and longer than light trappers do. they also are more forgiving on trap placement since they cover a wider area. also fire traps dont gain a whole lot from going c/c. what i'd do were i you would be to make a fire trapper and get the basics on play style down while shopping, imbueing, trading, begging, etc for the 2trap/3ls handscythes that will make a light trapper great.

i've dueled some crazy good light trappers and the better ones use a shadow. this also might entail putting one more into mb so that she uses it more often.

*awaits mebd's thoughts*


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Re: LLD trapper, viable?

how does the sin fare against melee when going c/c?
I am rolling handscythes as we speak...amd later whenever i can the damned skulls.
but with relative low block compared to shield, wouldn't it hurt a lot vs chars such as ww barb?
i am assuming hitting 65 fcr bp with cc set up

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Re: LLD trapper, viable?

Lightning trappers can actually do quite well against melee. I personally think this has a lot to do with playstyle; I've seen all too many lightning trappers that lay traps, run past them, and proceed to run around (away?) from melee opponents and let them run through trap fields. Actually this tactic works quite well vs a lot of melee as you probably won't catch the assassin (especially given her access to 40+ percent skill fr/w from burst of speed on top of gear). I also wouldn't expect to block that much (keep in mind clawblock drops to zero when moving)

Even that lightning trapper cdm and I dueled with our necro and barb (I think with Mia on necro on the other team) only once used that dflight and fireblast to try and lock cdm. Other than that, I didn't see any trapping from the corners, really no offensive trapping, hardly any from namelock against me. I can't say I've ever seen lld lightning trappers using wof to establish stunlocks either. It is possible to play a lightning trapper offensively (just look at high level trapper vs necro duels, an offensive trapper gives the necro more trouble). Don't get me wrong, lightning trappers are very strong duelers, I just think it's a shame that they aren't used to their fullest potential by duelers that just defwhore with them.

p.s. you fury wolf should be closer to 8k life, 10k is achievable by using a bunch of ss skillers for prebuffing then throwing the max/ar/lifers back in your inventory. Also +3 fury white helms are very cowable and work as solid temps. I think I found a +3 and tons of +2 and +1's cowing while on this last ladder season for about a month.


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Re: LLD trapper, viable?

Lite trappers are expensive since they do, as previously said, need those +lite sentry claws to really bring out the dmg. Ive heard of some though prefering 1 asasin/3 ls hand scythes to boost up shadow skills. Also make sure that on the prebuff or switch side of things to have something that can give you a nice lvl'd master to run around with.

Fire trappers are big big stun classes in lld. most setups ive seen entail spirit/rhyme on one switch then with an insight scythe on the other for mana regen w/o the loss of the fcr bp (assuming your spirit is 35 fcr).

In all the duels ive seen with trappers in lld, ive found the fire trapper to be the more common deadly build, especially against chars that dont possess a great deal of fhr or know the switch trick to get out of trap/mb stun.

My 2 cents anyways.