LLD Question: What mods carry to Dragon Talon?


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LLD Question: What mods carry to Dragon Talon?

Ok so I got my Dragon Talon up to lvl 18 (4 kicks). Do +15 max dmg jewels do anything for me? Does faster attack speed do anything for me?

My gear is as follows:

Sigon Boots, Gloves, Belt (Death's might be better but I'd miss the extra pots)
Twitchthroe Armor
Umbral Disk
Angelic Amulet+Rings and Sword (for +50 mana and +1 skill so I have that last extra kick, also for attack rating and life)
A 3 socket Crown with 3x flawless rubies in it

Charms: A few fine charms (+max dmg and +attack rating, do these help me at all?)

A couple +lifers 16+ on most of em
A few +5 run walk charms

Raven Claw on switch for in case I want to snipe, and because I was enchant lvling.

Currently I have roughly 550 life, and do 134 max kick dmg with 4 kicks. All charged up I do 350 kick dmg. My ar is like 4.2k or so.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated!


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Kickers get their dmg from Crushing Blow. +max jewels do not help you at all. +ed% jewels help a little, but it's hardly noticeable and it's not a very efficient socketing option. The only mod that helps your damage out besides obviously your boots, points in strength, and CB, would be elemental damage. IAS is also important, but you've already got plenty.

Ditch the fine charms for either lightning damage or life. You might consider using 4-socket armor and 3-socket helm all socketed with PAmethysts. You recieve a 120% dmg bonus from str.

Don't bother charging up anything. Tiger Strike only applies to the first kick, and 350 kick dmg is too pathetic to bother getting three balls going.

All that being said, Kickers are not very good below lvl 25 when you can equip a 'Strength' claw and war boots... and even then they're not all that impressive.


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Thanks for all your great advice. I think I shall stockpile some lit dmg small charms, and remove those fine ones. So far the dueler is doing pretty well. My double swing barb (lvl 13 with 700 life) can take her out tho. rofl


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You can make her a glass cannon if you plan on PK'ing with her -- I had a lvl 13 DT'er with all str and about ~300 life that did 200 per kick and has gotten her fair share of ears. If your sin is for dueling purposes, life is more important than 10~ or so extra pvp damage per kick.

I'd suggest using either crushflange or the gnasher as your weapon (33% CB or 20% CB + 50% OW, respectively). Both have a base speed of 0 so you can find out how much BoS you'd need. Some people also suggest a 6 socket crystal sword with PTopaz, but I haven't tried it.

Oh, and also, if you really need that extra skill (for the 4th kick), use sigons shield with an ELD in it.


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Glasscannon for PK all the way.

6 p.topaz crystal sword is better to PK with, since its more reliable than CB on character with low life at times.

on switch I greatly suggest a shortbow with p.emeralds. Won't help alot, but when you do maybe 80 adverage damage per kick it helps to take their life down a bit (80 pvp that is)

If all of those landed, 400 or so life gone in a blink. Assuming they were all excellent rolls of both physical and lightnin, I could see 115 ish pvp per kick. Factor resistances on there and you may have issues.