lld poison necro help

lld poison necro help

For a hell rushed lld Pnova necro, the plan I had was basically this - please make suggestions for me:

pskull peasants crown
pskull vipermagi
spirit long sword
+3 fire golem rhyme unraveller
sanders boots
two sojs
15% dr 15 mdr SoE
+2 pnb ammy
insight on switch

lots of 5% r.w scs and some mana gcs

42 skill points, all to poison skills except 2 prereqs.

to go for 150% r/w or not?

is a point in lr worth the skills used? or should i try to find a head to make rhyme in with lr on it?

would a 20 fcr +3 pnb circlet be worth losing some of pcrowns mods?


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This is a little tidbit that I found, and have used to much sucess. If yuu decide to duel at all. Put just a few skill points into bone Spirit or Spear or Teeth. That way instead of having to hit your enemy with slow poison twice, you can send a spirit after them and wait for the desired results. Teehee.