lld lvl 29 hammerdin


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lld lvl 29 hammerdin

heh hello everyone

i am in the progress of making a lvl 29 hammerdin.

what is the skill layout for one?

I have been told it is possible to get 1.7k hammers out of one but i dont seem to be able to reproduce that kind of dmg.

I have tested a few layouts on single and they dont seem to be giving me 1.7k. the max i got was 1.5k using 2x soj; viper; spirit shield; septer 1 to combat/allpala 3 to blessed hammer, 3 to conc; peasant hat; and 1 pala skills amu.

so is the 1.5k dmg max

for all of the test i assumed all skill quests are done giving 40 skill points.