LLD Gambliing Question


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LLD Gambliing Question

What's the best lvl char. to gamble lvl 30 gear(+2circs/ammys) with?

Also, does it matter if you gamble norm/nm/hell?

thanks in advance


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Re: LLD Gambliing Question

42. i made an MLD character to do just this. i'd kill people, take their gold* and gamble for exactly what you're wanting.

gamble in hell, the reason being reason is so that when you sell stuff back, you get full price and are able to fully maximize your gold. also having an edge bow on hand will extend the gold greatly too.

*note: i'd usually only do this to high levels that crashed the LLD games i was in. they tended to be regular high level mf characters, not well suited to pvp and would have tons of gold on hand. a decked out MLD (or even LLD) can easily beat most tal sorcs and ik barbs (most of the time these are what crash LLD games).