LLD Dueler?


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LLD Dueler?

I've planned on making a jab zon for an llder but from lots of people i kept hearing that the jab zon sux and that chargers are my best way to go. Now im having troubles getting lld gear at the moment but once i do, which is a good way to go? Chargers gear can be expensive and take alot of max jewels which i dont have. Any ideas? Thanks.


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Just for your info:

LLD means Low Level Dueler

so your title says:

Low Level Dueler Dueler?



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Lld requires max jewels. Regardless. Chargers are eaten alive by jabbers, most of the poor ones anyway (90% of them)

Jabbers simply require more.

Jabber build :

Max mask
Max breast plate
Dual angelics + ammy
Bonesheild of deflecting - Maxed.
Deaths belt + Gloves
Ideally some godly rare boots, but hsaru's will do.....CowKings are worth 13.

Ideally a rare throwing spear with max dmg mods, ed mods and an amp casting mod *drool* with ias.

lvl 1 jab.
lvl 9 Crit strike
Lvl 7 dodge.

Done. You can attain these on a lvl 12 rather easily.

Some minor modifications I'd how ever make, if I had my prime budget :

4 sock ethreal ancient (heh, I know...) - Maxed.

3 Sock ethreal crown, maxed.

Eth self replenishing throwing spear, +13 max dmg, 60+% ed, 10% ias 10% amp cast.

Eth self repairing 2 socket bonesheild of deflecting, max def mod.

----Giving significantly higher def, because you're semi impossible to hit anyway.

Charger :

Easy to produce 12 charger =

Deaths belt
Clegs sword 50% ds
Max dmg pala sheild (4 socks, atleast 50% ed)
Max armour
Max mask
What ever boots.

Max might
1 smite
The rest in charge.

Done and done. Charge in, charge out and wait for a lock. Idiot proof. The only problem comes from the fact that to build a great one, you need alot of gear.

---- Damn you for making me post.


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im sure what most people here will tell you is that if you're looking to build a cheap LLD use a kicksin as they require no max damage jewels at all.

Most people make lvl 25+ kickers but ive made a 18 kicker which had a relatively a lot of success when dueling anyone under 24 and still did okay against people greater than 24 although not as great.

The others here can probably give you a link or a build for the 25 kicksin heres my 18 kicksin

Main Gear:
3 Pruby helm
4 pruby armor
angelic rings/ammy
Sigons gloves and boots
belt: either sigons or deaths
Shield:Umbral Disk
Weapon: The Gnasher

on Switch:
Sigons Shield
Angelic Sabre

put 18 into dtalon
rest into burst of speed
str largecharms and life charms

I think this was my build , it died like 2 months ago to an encahnted druid, good luck


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BreakThruX said:
Oh well it was a typo...mind answering the question? Kthx.
You come across as rather abrupt here Break... you've certainly made a few threads recently around the topic of 'LLD'. So he didn't give you the answer you want? Patience... ;)

On LLD... pretty much anything can work, with the right build. I personally think Chargers are so cliche. EVERY idiot with a bit o' 'resource' on the realms makes one to try their hand at Dueling/pking. Then they turn on their chickenhack so they don't die whilst they try it. My message to them: go back to SC.


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Yes i was a wee bit rude but i was a little annoyed. ;) I can 14 max a twitch and i got a 35 max helm, maybe ill try to work something with that, thanks guys. My trapsin died recent with lots of nice stuff so that was a big loss hopeflly i can get back in the game...my friend gave me a thunderstroke and lotsa other nice things. :clap: :surprise: