LLD bowa?


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LLD bowa?

How dumb? possible at all?
Thinking of a lvl18 char to at least get guided.
Where should the other skillpoints be invested?
Would there be any point in making a poison hybrid (1point in lightning bolt ofc) or would the poison damage be a waste?

and gear/charms, suggestions?


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Re: LLD bowa?

nail down your question more. poison is barely viable at 30 so i doubt you'll do well at 18. 18 bowas are very doable as are 30s. which do you want to know about 18 bow, 30 bow, or 30 poison/bow?


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Re: LLD bowa?

Id recommend a 5 socket +3 bow/xbow skill stag bow. (I'm pretty sure it can get 3 skills anyway). Put 5x 15-20 max dmg jewels in it. That will be a gg bow. Use your 1 point guided and hurt people. I've seen a variation of that bow with a nef in it. It had much lower damage but kb XD. I can't recommend using cleg gloves because of the slow but death gloves/sash should do you some good. For armour...a 60-80 max gothic plate or if you have low strength, a 45 max light plate. Boots should be Cow Kings for Dex and frw. A 45 max crown or whatever will also be just peachy. Use angelic rings or manalds with angel ammy for some easy life. Viola! Don't forget the swordback and +3 j/s maiden jav for the switch!


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Re: LLD bowa?

My exact question answered on page 2 too!

Let me squeeze in a question here too:
Will one need a 45 max LP or does Twitchtroe armor suffice at a low budget?

Also i'm thinking about sticking a 13ed, 4 minimum dmg jewel (level 9 required) in my stag bow, would it be a waste since there are 15-20 maxers available?



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Re: LLD bowa?

imo, waste since u can get better jewel. having 9.5 avg dmg, 10% ed will increase its avg dmg by 1, whereas u can get a lot more by using even just a plain maxer

using twitch, u become 1 frame faster. imo, necessary since guie dmg isn't exactly godly and all lld at this level has max block.

u will lose around 30 dmg, but will gain str, dex, fhr, ibr. think i will stick to twitch :p

PS +3 jav maiden? why when u can have war javs as u don'tr eally get affected by skills!


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Re: LLD bowa?

One of my b.net LLD friends has a very good lvl 18 Bowa.

He uses

Twitch with a 19 maxer
Superior 5 Socket +3 Stag Bow 15% Ed 4x 15/20's and a NEF
Deaths Combo
3 Socket Helm with maxers.
Has a bone shield of deflecting with 2 maxers and javs on switch

Not sure of skill distribution but he has a strong jab, good dodge and a strong GA.

Stats hes gone mostly dex, he has around 500-600 life which is lowish compared to most level 18's

He has a great charm set up with 6max/xxar/ dex or FRW grand charms pushing his damage even higher with the rest being 15 lifers with mana