LLD 30 Charger


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LLD 30 Charger

Helm: Artisans Crown of Wolf /w 3x 24 Max Jewels
Armor: Artisans Mage Plate of Squid /w 3x 24 Max Jewels
Shield: 65%Ed/121 AR 4Socket Pally Shield /w 4x 24 Max Jewels
Weapon: 15% Ed/3AR 6 Socket Sup Naga /w 6x 24 Max Jewels or Eth Honor
Gloves: Bloodfists
Belt: SOE
Boots: Sanders
Ammulet: Angelics
Ring1: Angelic
Ring2: Soj or Angelic

Switch: +HS Scepter/Spirit or (Only if no HS Scepter/Spirit Available) Eth Honor Lance

Charms: 10+ Max GC's, 5+Max LC's, 3+ Max SC's. Or 15 Lifer SC's Or Combination/Afford

Str: Gear
Dex: Max Block
Vita: Rest
Energy: None

Skills: (After Hell Rush)
1 Smite
1 Holy Bolt (Ignore if switch is HS Scepter/Spirit)
1 Blessed Hammer (Ignore if switch is HS Scepter/Spirit)
19 Charge
1 Holy Shield (Ignore if switch is HS Scepter/Spirit)
18 Might (20 If HS Scepter/Spirit on switch)
1 Blessed Aim (If HS Scepter/Spirit on switch)


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that would be best charger in game for your level and lots higher and i highly dout you can afford half that so mabye try this:

helm-2 os visonary helm with 2x 15 maxers or if your richer 50ar/15 max
armor- artisan light plate of squid 3x 15 maxers or 3x50ar/15 max
wepon-3charge honor
shield-A 4 socket pala shield with 65%ed 100+ar with 4x50ar/15max
wepon2-17med insight partizan
belt-string of ears
gloves-upped blood fist
boots- sanders
charms-get as many as you can of 3max//xxar//15 life sc (this will help you alot)


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Um, yes i can. I have about 100 HR's, sojs, runewords and other items to buy things with.

And I forgot to mention: 15%Sup/3AR Divine Scepter with +Charge and/or Might /w 5x 24 Max Jewels


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Um no you can't. 24 maxers go for the same number of runes easily. Also you might want to consider a 2s visionary deadly strike helm instead of the 72 max

Von Lazuli

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Yeah.. your 100HR will buy maybe 1 24 Max Damage Jewel....

Ok... sure, a 6x Incredible Jewel Naga will be better than a +3 Charge Honor... but I prefer the latter... honor just has so many nice things going for it. Not to mention it costs less than one jewel...

I would agree with the others here and go with a Visionary of the Wolf helm...



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Were the hell do you guys trade? here?

sure honor works...its just not very sexy >_>


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Lol. I dint use HR's and SOJS till my friend quit and gave me his.
Usaly people were happy to give me a few for a greif. or other elite unqiues/runewords.


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Another vote for 'Honor'. The added DS is like multiplying your listed damage by 1.25.

Shouldn't you be maxing Might first, no matter what?


the best would be a ethereal 15ed 5os naga made to honor and crafted mechanics visionary helm with 10% ds with max out charms and jewels you could be seeing 2k pvp on a lvl 27