LK Rune patterns questions


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I've decided that I want to finally get some of those runewords that are just so awesome. But I understand they are rare but doing some research into ways to increase the odds of finding those higher runes, at least up to Ber, or even Ohm, for now. I find some forum posts talking about LK patterns but I don't quite understand what they are.

Are these a means of targeting a specific rune? ways to know you're on the right track? What exactly is it?

additional question, is there a way to set /players 7 faster than typing it in everytime? I find myself fat fingering it and it is getting annoying for runs that take 30-45 seconds. I'm using plugy mod on 1.13

Any answers to those questions would be helpful, thanks in advance


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This topic has most of the answers you're looking for. Runes are searched from LK special chests.
"those chests have a limited number of dropping possibilities/patterns, more exactly 65536 different ones. Every time you hit a special chest you will get one of the 65536 possible combos of drops. Some of the patterns contain a high rune (HR) such as Vex, Ohm, Lo, Sur or Ber Rune"

/players command persists until you close the application, so no need to retype it in every game.
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I've seen that post, but didn't read that section. It's just a pattern people have noticed that drop along side the runes.

I'm assumeing you meant, 'no need to retype it in everygame'



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additional question, is there a way to set /players 7 faster than typing it in everytime?
As a super-cheeky answer that probably doesn't help you, yes, a faster way would be to type "/players7" instead of "/players 7" as they both do the same thing.