LK Rack Runs - am I doing it wrong?


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I'm trying to find ethereal threshers to socket for an Infinity base. After a week of cow farming with no luck I started reading about racks, and they seem like a promising option. But after a day or so of rerolling LK maps I have yet to see a thresher drop and I'm starting to wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

My loop is as follows: Change difficulties to get a new map, teleport 2-3 hut sizes around the WP looking for huts with weapon racks, open them as I go. Run the same map again, roughly as many times as there are nearby weapon racks, going in a different order each time. If the map would be really nice I will run it I might try each pattern a couple times. Find no threshers, feel sadness, and repeat.

My understanding is that the drops can be influenced by encountering monsters, which seems impossible to control in LK. Do I need to find maps where the racks are so close to the WP that I can plausibly encounter 0 monsters? Should I run a map again if I see monsters on screen when I pop the rack? People who have done this successfully, how long did rerolling take you? Were you searching more deeply or more shallowly? Are there any tells of a thresher rack I can look for besides it actually dropping a thresher?

Somewhat related question: I've gotten a fair number (3? 4?) of cryptic axe racks. Should I settle for that or is it worth holding out for an Infinity thresher? It took me about a week of farming to find my runes, so if it will take much longer to find a thresher rack I'd be inclined to refarm the runes when/if I find a better base. I'm primarily making this for a Fishymancer's merc, but I go for versatility over optimization.

Reading about racks is the most tin-foil-hat thing I've ever been convinced is real. Pseudorandomness is nutty.


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Yea, getting a stable rack can be frustrating, especially if youre only looking for one specific base. You are pretty much doing it correctly, but may want to focus closer to WP. If you run all over LK, hitting multiple racks and the final one drops a thresher, youre never going to be able to repeat the results..

Monsters spawning near the rack isnt the end of the world. The key is reproducibility. If a rack is only 1 TP away, and those monsters always spawn, it should still result in the same rack drop.

I mostly rack in 1.07 so, not 100% sure what still holds true. But, get a map with racks close to WP and then try several different ways to manipulate the drops before you reroll. Take a few different paths, cast hydras/summons, use TK instead of actually walking to the rack.