Livestream: Botting 4 Accounts at Once



A player JDance, out to raise botting awareness has been streaming himself multi-boxing 4 different botting sessions at once all evening on He'll undoubtedly be taken down and banned for the effort, but if you want to check it out while it lasts, click through for the embedded player.

I like the top left Monk best, myself.

Livestream: Botting 4 Accounts at Once:

Watch live video from jdance25 on
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Wasn`t that on purpose - to make a point. Something like expanding campaign against botting ?


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Apparently is. We can only tell by suspecting someone - judging by the time they spend playing. Looks like Blizzard can`t ban someone using that as a purpose so they have to wait until some "would like to" expose himself.
It is weird because they doing it shamelessly and one time (two) happened that someone got banned.
I`m confused as hell.


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Aw crap. Was hoping to see it but figured when I couldnt find him in Twitch, he was already banned.


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I couldn't agree more. I desperately want my entire inventory filled with crap stat charms, and my entire stash filled with gems AND crafting mats AND dozens of runes. As it is, I think I can almost fit gear for every class in there, so that definitely needs to be fixed.


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Replacing main stat with skill bonuses, especially specific skill bonuses, would only make matters worse. Even limiting it to skill the 6 skill groups would mean I need to hoard 6 times the number of chest pieces, leg pieces, etc. As far as + to all skills, well, that's essentially what main stat already is.