little trading List


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little trading List

I Got :

30 mara
Facet 55 poison die
Facet 55 fire die/lvup
1001def. Immo armor
70reg tiara
857 def. tal armor---sold out
2/1/2 tal orb
tal ammy
rare 2 martal arts 20 ias 13ar 3ll 45ed 3dex glove
heaven's light
magefist 30ed
4os 15ed SH
trap 27life GC
7mf SC
15all reg Jewel
5ll wedding band
rare amulet 2dru skill 10fcr 15 poison reg


6/6/6 wolfhowl

i have 10 ists for Jah or Ber--- DONE !

PM me or come to Zito1/1 please C:

thank you.
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Re: little trading List

I'll do the 10 ists for Jah, I'll see if I can find you in the game you posted.

Edit: thanks for the trade.


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Re: little trading List

Facet 55 poison die I'm interested? Not sure price, but I'll start it off w/ Mal.