little introduction


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little introduction

Hi all

Been reading the forum for quite a long while now...
Was always reading the hardcore forum but since i started playing sp few months ago i also read this one :D quite a few interesting things to read here so decided a few moments ago it wouldn't be a very bad idea to start posting :)


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Hello there! :wave:

Welcome to SPF!

Check our FAQ and stickies, then feel free to visit EMB

Remember to have fun!



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Welcome to the SPF! Enjoy your stay here! :)

If you are a HC player you might be interested in few HC tourneys we're haveing here.


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Join the Alpahbet tourney!!! Its hardcore, fun, and most of all........alphabetical :surprise:

Anyways, WELCOME!! :wave:

We don't bite (often)


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welcome and enjoy your stay! :howdy:

please tell us more about yourself - anything ranging from D2 experience to what you do in the real life. we like to know who we're talking to! :)


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Greetings. Enter at your own risk. Leave your weapons and food in the lockers. Don't taunt the animals. Be nice to the elite uniques. Have fun. Work hard, play hard, fly right. etc., etc..



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Greetings, Slartibartfast, and welcome to our forums. Please remember to read the FAQs and behave in front of our elite uniques.

Feel free to drop by at the local forum bar, the EMB, for a quiet drink or two - the first one's on me.

Enjoy your time here.


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HeHe no i didn't design any fjords... I'm actually from the little spot on the map of Europe they call Holland and we don't have many fjors here :p
Although it surprises me a bit so many people know about it becuase here in Holland it's as far as i know a very unknown book despite its brilliancy :D

Thanks all for your warm welcome ow and btw... to the few people that talked about it.. I already joined that alphabetical tourney