Little help for a returning champ?


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Little help for a returning champ?

Hey I am going to be comming back to diablo II I am going to make a sorc and I want to make a nova the good ol days. I left just before 1.10 and want to ask a few questions.

1. What is with all the rerolling pgem thing? What are pgems used for in rerolling?
2. How is the economy? I left long after the scammers settled down and just before the hacked white rings and hexes were removed. Is the SOJ the top again?
3. I wanted to use a build I saw in these forums.....second page the "bringing back nova sorc" topic is that build good for mf? Pvp? All of it? And could a build like....
20 nova
16 telike
20 LM
20 orb
1 CM
Do any of that?

Thanks a bunch and I am going to be comming back poor thanks to my acct being deleted after 1.10 so if anyone would like to donate low quality items to help me out please give me a holla at [email protected]

Thanks again!!! Any other info that I might need heading back in would be nice!


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If you put points into a synergy then it affects another spell. + to skills on items won't work, you have to actually put points in it. For example firebolt is a synergy of fireball. Putting points into firebolt enchances fireball dmg. I'm not very experienced with lightning sorcs but I do know that telekenisis
is a synergy to energy shield. Every point you put into telekenisis lowers the amount of mana that drains everytime you take a hit. As for the rerolling thing if you cube any magical item+ 3 pgems the magical item is rerolled. That means it gains new random mods. Rerolling grand charms is very popular because it is possible to get a skill grand charm with life. However if you are looking to get the really godly mods you must use an item with a high item lvl. Basically if your looking to reroll a grand charm make sure that it dropped from the later acts in hell (preferably throne of destruction).