little confused on enchant


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little confused on enchant

Hey all,
I'm a little confused on enchant and wondering if it's worth making on to help out my Uber smiter and my hammerdin or lightning mfer. Does enchant activate on zeal but not on smite? So on my uber smiter, I guess it'd help me kill off the minions and surrounding baddies around the mini-bosses but not the bosses themeselves? And for the mfing, does it work with hammers and sorc spells like lightning and CL? Or is it strictly whacking things with a sharp object? Thanks!


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All enchant will do with Smite is boost your damage a little by adding fire - which will then be reduced a lot by the Ubers resists.

Smite always hits, so the increased AR will not help you at all.


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CTC effects activates on nearly any kind of attack with a weapon, including zeal and smite. They don't activate e.g. on WW and any but the innermost two arrows of multishot, for example. I'm not entirely sure about CTC effects on strafe, but IIRC they work on any strafe arrow.

Enchant damage isn't applied to anything but weapon attacks. Spells don't benefit from it.


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Right click while having the enchant skill active. You can do the same for other partied players, just not in town.

I had Sorc with level 52 enchant, at least I did until my account got hacked. It was lots of fun enchanting my new characters; level one barb or pala with 4.5K fire damage lasting some 22 minutes. Equip your character at level 15 with the Ravenclaw bow and watch the critters fry! Don't forget to enchant your hireling.

Lord Nyax

Ah, good times. My Enchantress beats even Cooked's (slvl 54 Enchant, 5.7k damage).

When you Enchant a character (no, you cannot Enchant items), any attack animation they do will have the Enchant's fire damage added to it. That means that Bows, Crossbows, and all Melee attacks with a weapon are included. Smite is not included (Dragon Tail, Talon, and Flight all are though, though the LCS will say that they aren't).

As a note, the Enchant works very strangely, and quite contrary to the Skill description. It does full damage whether it be on a Bow, Crossbow, or Melee attack, not 1/3 as the skill description says. Any fire damage, including the Enchant damage, is boosted by +% fire damage on a character. It is for that reason that Enchantresses can get such high Melee damage: they have innately enormous +% fire damage in the form of Fire Mastery.

Often times people get confused because they don't understand how "fire mastery is applied twice". Fire Mastery boosts the magnitude of the Enchant skill. Once you're Enchanted, your character has that much (as you've been told...numerous times...). When you strike, any +% fire damage is multiplied in. You can hit pretty insane damage (my Enchantress hit 28k with BC).

In your terms, Enchant only works with "sharp objects" (though Maces count...dur...:tongue:).

P.S: Cooked, my Enchantress got her items haxored too. I feel your "pain"'s weird saying "My Enchantress used to _____". Saddening, in a way.


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Cool guys!! Thanks for the help - I'll turn to an enchantress as my next character. Oh, and after I have her finished, feel free to whisper me Nyax and Cooked. I'll buff ya just for the trip down memory lane ^_^.