lite facets for holy shock


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ArchAngel Tiberrius said:
I believe that they do, yes. They operate in the same was as:

- Griffon's Eye
- Ormus' Robes
He's right - I have a lv. 86 Shocker in Hell on USWest - BromionsRage - feel free to message me if you like. I have some pretty nice gear, including a rare coronet with +2 pally skills, +18 strength, +resist all (I forget how much, off-hand, but over 10%), etc. When I plugged a lightning facet in there, you should have seen how enemies started dropping! I kill a fair number of baddies with aura alone now - no need to even touch them. It's especially fun watching those nasty little porting imps in Act 5 disintegrate. :thumbsup:

Good luck on the shocker, and stay cool!


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Also you get an effect that is like Sorc with Fire Mastery using Enchant in melee range (the fire damage you get is like Listed Enchant Damage*Mastery*Mastery). So, with many enough facets (like entire griswolds set full of 5/5 facets), you could get 1.2k+ pulse lightning damage, and 14k+ lightning damage per hit. Note: both of these calculations don't factor in -resist.