Lister Build?


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Lister Build?

I have a silly idea for a build that I've been thinking about doing and I was wondering if it would work and if I could get any suggestions on where my skill points should go to make it more effective. Or to just say forget it entirely and save me some time.

I've decided to make a "Lister" build in that it emulates the attack styles of the last minion of Baal's. I was sort of inspired by this because of just how annoying Lister can be.

20 Bash
20 Stun
20 War Cry
5 Iron Skin
5 Resists
10 Polearm mastery

My idea is that through constantly stunning and knocking back enemies I could keep them under my complete control. Especially considering that war cry would add stun time it would be really effective. I was also wondering about how effective stun is against uniques and champions and if this would make the build potentially fatal to the player. Also I believe using a pole arm would make the knockback not as annoying due to the long reach. The iron skin and resists are just for having at least some kind of protection.

Of course finding the Reaper's Toll would make it even better when I could also cast decrep on all of the enemies ontop of knocking them back and stunning them.

Anyone ever tried anything like this? Is there a build you could refer me to that is very similar?


Nah Lister's beefy looking, a tiny little Paladin won't cut it.
Besides, Lister is evil, Paladin is all holy and stuff.


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5Ws said:
Nah Lister's beefy looking, a tiny little Paladin won't cut it.
Besides, Lister is evil, Paladin is all holy and stuff.
A fallen Paladin with an eating disorder then:)


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Hey ya i am in the middle of that build currently :p He is now lvl 49 and i am going for cb/ds route :p So far he uses Guil helm, Rattlecage,gore and buthcer's pupil (might up this) for 75%cb/65%ds and i am having nice fun in nightmare hehe. As for skill allocation i am going for :

Max Bash
Max Stun
Max Weapon Mastery
Max BO
rest into Warcry

Usually Rattlecage's chance for monster fleeing is a a bit of a turn off but when i attack they can't flee cos well they are stunned then i bash them hehe With this set up he can take on memp nm solo and dolls get stunned while might merc jabs em :p Its a very uncookie cutter build and fun too! However i am still unsure if casting warcry + attacking with stun would stack the total stun length. I would think a +3 wc/bo/shout +2 barb rare would be a great helm for this build too Hmm or a delirium with similiar stats for ctc confuse and attract charges. A Beast Zerker + Wolfhowl would allow the barb to hit 9fpa bash/stun, have good AR and since dire wolf synergises grizzly he could have a stunning minion hehe