List of Witch Doctor skill affixes


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List of Witch Doctor skill affixes

I compiled a list of skill affixes for better readability. All of them are datamined, so they may be inaccurate. I only included the highest level affixes on the list.

All of the skill bonuses are suffixes, so only one can spawn on a Magic item. Rare items are a question mark in this regard, because we don't know enough about the item generator. It's possible, that the number of skill affixes is limited to one even on Rare items.

These affixes start appearing on class-specific items in Nightmare and on generic items in Hell. What's interesting is that some of the highest level affixes can't spawn on the most powerful class-specific items, because their item level isn't high enough, but they can spawn on the generic items with the highest level. I hope this will change.

Item Group 1: Voodoo Masks, Helms
Item Group 2: Shields, Mojos, Bows, Crossbows
Item Group 3: Daggers, Spears, Bows, Crossbows, Ceremonial Knives, 2H Axes, 2H Swords, 2H Maces, Polearms

      Skill                          Bonus                  May Spawn on Item Group
Acid Cloud              +2-8% Critical Chance                          1
Corpse Spiders          +5-14% Inreased Damage                         2
Firebomb                Mana Cost Reduced by 1-9                       3
Firebats                Mana Cost Reduced by 4-12                      1
Haunt                   +5-14% Inreased Damage                         3
Locust Swarm            +5-14% Inreased Damage                         1
Plague of Toads         +5-14% Inreased Damage                         3
Poison Dart             +5-14% Inreased Damage                         2
Spirit Barrage          +5-14% Inreased Damage                         2
Wall of Zombies         Cooldown reduced by 1-3 seconds                2
Zombie Charger          Mana Cost Reduced by 4-12                      2
Summon Zombie Dogs      Cooldown reduced by 1-9 seconds                1


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Re: List of Witch Doctor skill affixes

Interesting! All I know is there should be some confirmation on it from Blizzard. I keep hearing about + affixes for skills since many are dissatisfied with the current customization of characters.Needs more + to damage along with reduced cost etc. IMO.


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Re: List of Witch Doctor skill affixes

Fffffuuuuu, they've changed the affix of Corpse Spiders from duration to damage. I'm disappointed.