List of what area's for what Runes?


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List of what area's for what Runes?

Is there a list of what area's/levels can drop upto what runes?

I've heard that you need NM Countess to drop Sol, so I take it Baal (normal) can drop runes upto and not including Sol? So, nightmare is good for Runes upto what level?

Does NM Countess drop different runes then NM Mephisto, who drops different runes then NM Baal?

I was looking to make some lower level runewords, and just was wondering where to farm for them.


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Re: List of what area's for what Runes?

Google ATMA. It is a program that is used by people who play single player to move items between characters. It also has a drop calculator. Very handy.


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Re: List of what area's for what Runes?

countess has a special rune drop, which will give you runes almost every time you kill her (up to ist in hell; up to io? in nm). this is the place to gather runes for your lower level runewords.

the other source for runes is hellforge (nm: up to um; hell up to gul).

there are no other "reliable" sources for runes. everything beyond gul will drop almost never; the lower runes drop randomly all over the place. lick SnickerSnacker said, check Atma for that.

this would be the link for more detailed informations: rune drops
but the page is empty right now.

here is a rune finder guide:


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Re: List of what area's for what Runes?

No need to Google ATMA. We have an entire Stickied Thread in the SPF. Links to ATMA download and guide in the first post.

Always run the Countess on p1 (or solo on Bnet).

The Rune Finder Guide linked to is very very good. For Countess running you might want to use Sirpoops' guide to running the countess.

Half way through this post is a few tips on using Google search to search this site. Have a read.